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AppSuite CRM

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Customers can now tap into a modern cloud solution that combines the power of Oracle’s leading enterprise POS products with AppSuite’s revolutionary Cloud CRM program that seamlessly integrates mobile apps, delivery and order management, multi-channel marketing, loyalty, rewards, gift cards, surveys, and ordering to drive increased traffic and revenue for restaurants and hotels!

AppSuite’s Cloud CRM program provides a one-stop-shop for customers who want to leverage customer intelligence, mobile apps, 1-1 marketing, rewards, loyalty, gift, ordering, and delivery and driver management into a simple to use and fully Oracle Hospitality POS integrated solution. AppSuite’s participation in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace and use of Oracle Validated Integrations further extends our commitment to the Oracle community and enables customers to easily reap the benefits of AppSuite’s Cloud CRM program.

Solution Profile

The AppSuite Cloud Solution offers a modular architecture from which customers can select to meet their needs:

  • Base Cloud Framework
  • CRM
  • Ordering
  • Delivery Management
  • SMS and Email Validation
  • Multi-Channel Marketing
  • Payment Processing
  • Data Conversion
  • Gift and Loyalty Cards
  • Cloud Printers and Supplies
  • Loyalty Manager App

Module: Base Cloud Framework

The Base Cloud Framework is the foundation of AppSuite Cloud Solution. The framework includes integration to Micros POS systems, support for location and customer data storage, security infrastructure, administrative access to the Customer Care Portal, mobile IOS and Android apps, web plug-in support, and remote access for Micros plug-in support. The Framework is deployed on AppSuite’s world-class Cloud infrastructure and is secure, scalable, and highly available.

The Customer Care Portal has a simple and easy to use browser based interface. CCP is secure, reliable and provides complete control and access to create and manage member accounts and AppSuite’s Cloud CRM program settings

The main functions of Customer Care Portal are:

  • CRM - The CRM module is used to create/modify/access all customer data and services including create/edit/delete members, and the following information per member: surveys, gift cards, loyalty cards, logged purchases, offers, rewards, and the ability to log purchases, add points or view the members activity history.
  • Marketing - Campaigns, Loyalty, Messaging, Rewards, App settings, featured content
  • Menu - Published menu, POS menu/modifier mapping, Menu Scheduling, Cloud Printing
  • Program Administration - Location data, Reporting, and administration of the following modules:
  1. Loyalty Manager
  2. SMS Surveys
  3. Web Portal Access
  4. Printer(s)
  • Gift Cards - Setup and management of Groups, Virtual Cards, and Magnetic Cards.
  • Activity Monitor - This module has access to Survey results, Takeout/Delivery Orders, and the Actions log which tracks all activity in the CCP by authorized users.

Module: CRM

The CRM module provides the main customer facing features in the AppSuite Cloud Platform including module includes Gift Cards, Loyalty, Rewards, Surveys, Reporting & Analytics, Notifications, and our Multi-Channel Campaign engine.

Module: Ordering

The Ordering module supports Takeout and Delivery for mobile and web ordering that is fully integrated with the Micros POS. The solution supports both cash and credit card payments along with full connectivity to the CRM module for Gift Cards, Offers, and Promotions that can be applied to orders.

Module: SMS and Email Validation

The SMS and Email Validation modules provide enhanced data services that support functions such as Surveys, Registration, Visit Confirmation, Order Messaging, and real-time email address and deliverability validation.

Module: Multi-Channel Marketing

The Multi-Channel Marketing “MCM” engine is a key component of the CRM module (Part #: 2781703). The “MCM” connects to the 1-1 Campaign module and creates a simple and seamless process where a single process can deliver messaging to multiple channels simultaneously (email, push messaging, Twitter, Facebook) dramatically improving marketing reach and effectiveness.

Module: Payment Processing

Payment processing is a key part of the AppSuite Cloud CRM program where credit card processing is required. There are 2 current methods of enabling credit card processing within the USA and Canada Bluepay and Authorize.net.

Module: Data Conversion

When moving to the AppSuite Cloud CRM program there can be the need to convert and migrate data from legacy systems such as gift card, loyalty, email marketing, SMS, customer ordering history and demographic data. AppSuite provides a complete set of processes and services to support this effort.

Module: Gift and Loyalty Cards

AppSuite offers custom designed branded magnetic gift and loyalty cards as part of its offering. These cards are available in small orders from 100 cards to orders of 10,000 or more. The cards are 4 color and can come with sleeves or envelopes as well.

Module: Cloud Printers and Supplies

AppSuite and Star Micronics have partnered to offer a world-class cloud printing solution. The solution is seamlessly integrated with AppSuite’s Ordering module. The cloud printers can either compliment your POS “Point of Sale” printing or can be a stand alone solution. Common uses are: packaging, expediting, label printers, delivery partners. All that is needed is the cloud printer, paper, power, and an internet connection.

Module: Loyalty Manager

The AppSuite Loyalty Manager IOS app has been designed for restaurant/hotel staff to administer many of AppSuite’s core functions such as Gift Cards, Loyalty, Ordering, and Customer Management. The Loyalty Manager app is role based allowing customers to provide specific access to only the data and or functions required for each team member to perform their jobs. The app can either act as a stand-alone loyalty and gift card terminal or as more often used as a complimentary component to AppSuite’s POS integrated CRM program.

Distinguishing Features

Oracle Validated Integration: Oracle Hospitality - Food & Beverage

AppSuite Integration: Oracle Validated

AppSuite LLC a leading provider of Cloud CRM solutions and Gold level member of Oracle Partner Network (OPN), has achieved Oracle Validated Integrations with the AppSuite Cloud CRM program on both Oracle Hospitality’s RES3700 5.5 and Simphony 2.9 POS solutions, now available in the Oracle Solutions Catalog. Furthermore, AppSuite’s Cloud CRM is now available in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace for Oracle Hospitality Cloud customers and from AppSuite.

To achieve Oracle Validated Integration, Oracle partners are required to meet a stringent set of requirements to ensure solutions successfully and reliably meet the needs and priorities of the customers. AppSuite’s seamless integration with the Oracle Hospitality RES3700 POS and Simphony 2.9 POS makes it easy for restaurants and hotels to increase visits and revenue by offering consumer friendly and modern program that combines loyalty, rewards, gift card, surveys, multichannel marketing, branded mobile apps, and delivery order management into a single powerful platform.

Achieving Oracle Validated Integration gives Oracle customers confidence that the integration between AppSuite’s Cloud CRM 2.0 and Oracle Hospitality Simphony RES3700 5.5 POS and Simphony 2.9 POS is functionally sound and performs as tested. For solutions deployed on-premises, in the cloud, or both, Oracle Validated Integration applies a rigorous technical review and test process that helps to reduce deployment risk and improves the user experience of the partner’s integrated offering.

AppSuite is Interoperable

AppSuite uses REST or RESTful web services as a way of providing interoperability between our cloud infrastructure and many customer, partner, and OEM components utilized to create the most complete Cloud CRM and Ordering Solution available. REST-compliant Web services allow requesting systems to access and manipulate textual representations of Web resources using a uniform and predefined set of stateless operations. AppSuite’s REST architecture allows the company to be nimble integrating rapidly to new systems, have real-time communication, security via SSL encryption, and scalability via a distributed web architecture. Currently AppSuite supports over 15 REST integrations. With REST API’s that support nearly every major function, It is easy to integrate AppSuite Cloud CRM program.

There are different approaches to integrate with AppSuite's Platform.

  • Embedded - This type of integration enables the embedding of any function AppSuite offers into your solution by using the User Authenticated API's.
  • Point of Sale - These REST API's are authenticated to AppSuite's Cloud platform through a Key and Secret unique to each partner & location and allows for nearly full access to member and gift card related functions.
  • Enterprise Applications- This type of integration typically is when a company needs to integrate directly into AppSuite solution (Point to Point Integration) where specific data is passed to each other in ways that are not "Out-of-the-Box". Examples of this could be routines that import member lists from one system to another, sharing reporting metrics, the synchronization of menu data, etc. This requires both parties to discuss, plan, and implement the intended integration and generally take longer to complete.

Solution Name

AppSuite CRM

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About AppSuite LLC

AppSuite is a global leader in Cloud CRM programs serving the restaurant and hotel industries.  Our success is a direct result of the comprehensive nature of our Cloud CRM solution supporting:

  • Loyalty & Rewards
  • Gift cards
  • Surveys
  • Multi-channel 1-1 digital marketing
  • Analytics
  • Branded IOS and Android mobile apps
  • Ordering

AppSuite also combines it's comprehensive Cloud CRM solution with a unique “Best Practices” approach to implementing its CRM program.  AppSuite has a deep understanding and unique specialization in Oracle/Micros Point of Sale integrations, allowing the company to seamlessly deploy its CRM program in restaurant and hotel operations.  The AppSuite CRM program is secure, real-time, ubiquitously available, and Cloud based.  Customers are able to manage the CRM program from the power and convenience of the company's and easy to use AppSuite Customer Care Portal.

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