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TBMS incorporates the following modules: Inventory, Sales, Purchase, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Human Resources, Payroll, General Ledger, Fixed Assets, Manufacturing, Sales Analysis, Banking Services, Procurement, Access Control.

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TBMS is a multilingual integrated administrative and financial management software package that is capable of handling all the activities of a company,through a single and coherent information processing system. Turbo System conceived TBMS to fulfill the market requirements by respecting the constraints of the environment and the need for flexibility of branch offices and companies of all sizes (small, average and large).

The TBMS package consists of integrated and detachable (if needed) modules,

developed with the best current technological tools. It offers a user-friendly and

flexible management environment, which allows it to:

? Reinforce control in a company

? Automate repetitive tasks

? Accelerate the production of decisive reports

? Increase the economic output of the company

Distinguishing Features

The TBMS modules confer to a company great facility in the processing of all the data related to management and provide constantly up to date data and dashboards to each person in charge enabling them to take decisions with full knowledge of the facts. The modules of the software package also facilitate understanding and explanation of the results of the company’s activities thanks to indicators and tables of the system. Inquiries, which before required several hours and sometimes the intervention of several people, is from now on accessible in just one click! ? Multi functionalities: Thanks to the extent and the richness of the functions proposed, the TBMS modules are able to fulfill the majority of the needs of companies, whatever their size and their activity. Multi language, multi currency, multi company, the software package adapts naturally to any type of organization. ? Practical implementation: TBMS does not require heavy human or financial investments. Better yet: a company can continue working normally during the installation of the new system. Once installed, TBMS does not hinder a large data-processing team to ensure its operation. Furthermore, in order for each company to benefit from the constant improvements of the software package, the update procedures were conceived for a maximum amount of simplicity and security.

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101 - 500

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About Turbo System S.A.

TURBO SYSTEM, the first-incorporated company of the Turbo Group, is a software firm that specializes in Enterprise Ressource Planning software development. Its last cutting edge solution, the TURBO BUSINESS MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS (TBMS) is a multilingual integrated administrative and financial management software package that is capable of handling all the activities of a company, through a single and coherent information processing system.

Detailed Description

Turbo System S.A, a member  of the Group Turbo, is a privately owned software development firm which specializes in information management.  Since 1989, it is regarded as a reliable source for IT solutions.  Our goal is to help companies in their day-to-day operation by serving their various need.  Over the years, we and  our partners have provided consultation, implementation and support to customers working in various fields in an outside of the Caribbean.

Turbo System S.A. developes, customizes and markets strategic management software solutions.  With our unsurpassed implementation methodology and extensive technical and on-line support, we are 100% focused on our customer's success.

We develop a suite of application created for Small Medium and Large Enterprises.  Our products can  also demonstrate their capabilities in the multi-lingual business environment.

Turbo System S.A provides a wide range of expertise for software  development projects. Our staff of 40 engineers are people with ambition, who are motivated to better themselves in every  aspect of today's technology.


 The management team is responsible for ensuring the outcome of  client projects.  We are in the business of making our clients look good.  Our experience  ranges from technical know-how to team and project management.  Our team builds business partnerships with our customers.  These relationships enable us to understand our customer's needs and build our business in the way that will best suit them.  We are involved in mentoring and guiding our staff in the business implications of software development and creating appropriate strategies for growth.

Software development

The technical team has an exceptional ability to design innovative solutions and solve difficult technical problems.  Our capabilities range from analysis and design through to specification, application design, installation and training plus troubleshooting.  We have a strong focus on business analysis to ensure that our solutions fulfill our customer's requirements. Each of our employees has been trained, based on their high level of expertise and dedication, to give the desired service.

Marketing and Support

Turbo System is a service-oriented company.  We are dedicated to providing IT solutions either through standard or custom products, in a timely and cost effective manner.  Our company relies  on a well educated and knowledgeable sales and service team committed to providing accurate, up-to-date information and support across our entire product line.  Our marketing team depends on an Engineer along with assistants dedicated to Customer Support and Service Providers, Hardware Resellers and Software Vendors who promote our products through mutual and beneficial agreements.

Our accomplishements

Turbo Sytem's strong history and experience in dealing with cutting-edge technologies ensures a successful system's integration and implementation.  We work with clients across a diverse range of industries, business areas and technical  specifications.  Turbo System has experience in the following areas.

- Application Integration

- Business Proces Automation

-Accounting System Integration

-Enterprise Resource  Planning


We aim to provide integrated solutions to enhance various organizations on their competitive edges and methods to better compete in their business environment.  We work closely with our employees providing on-going training to ensure their skills are constantly upgraded to meet the on-going needs of our customers.  We are determided to stay ahead of the knowledge curve.


Customers:  Customer satisfaction is the top priority at our company. We believe in dealing with customers with honesty, and integrity, and in providing them with the very best solutions through innovation, improvement and continuous maintenance.

People:  We also value team spirit and employee cooperation, encouraging our workforce to draw inspiration from one another.

Products:  For the past 18 years, Turbo System S.A has offered a large range of products developed on a variety of platform which respond to international norms.  We are committed to the quality of the those products which follow the highest quality standards.

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