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ProVision Resources for Oracle E-Business Suite

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ProVision Resources (PVR) for Oracle E-Business Suite complements ProVision Responsibilities. ProVision Resources makes EBS the hub to define organization-wide Resources, eligibility rules for access, and approval policies. It automates self-service Resource requests and approvals, and coordinates provisioning activities.

When you combine ProVision Resources and Responsibilities, you can streamline and integrate provisioning to enhance the Hire-To-Retire business process. It then becomes easy to answer the questions of who has access to what, who approved it, and whether the access is in compliance with policies. You leverage EBS in new ways to unleash your organization's speed and productivity.

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ProVision Resources automates self-service Resource requests and approvals, and coordinates provisioning activities. Anyone with self-service access to EBS can request resources for themselves and their subordinates. In one place you can track all the requests and assignments across all the different resources, monitor service levels, and look for ways to improve service levels and reduce costs.

Examples of departmental and corporate Resources that ProVision can support are:

► Software Accounts such as: E-Business Suite, external cloud applications, internal operational or financial applications.

► Personal Productivity Infrastructure such as: Voice plan, data plan, Virtual Private Network (VPN) account, file server, web meetings and conferences.

► Physical Devices and Objects such as: Laptop, tablet, cell phone, smart phone, cubicle.

ProVision Resources creates a self-service infrastructure to automate requests and approvals. Rather than attempt to provision numerous different resources automatically, ProVision orchestrates the process. It generates and sends provisioning orders to the people or systems that control and provision the resources. Provisioning times are greatly reduced and effort is minimized. All resource assignments can be audited with simple online queries, integrated with existing EBS data.

ProVision Resources is particularly useful when the organization frequently engages temporary workers such as consultants and contractors. It enables the hiring manager to create the worker's E-Business Suite Person record, in concert with Human Resources and Purchasing functions, and then request the proper Resources the worker needs in order to be productive.

Similarly, the manager can request a new E-Business Suite user account for new employees, consultants, or contractors, with a selection of authorized initial Responsibilities. When approved, the User account and Responsibilities are automatically provisioned.

Distinguishing Features

► Deployment is fast, simple, and requires no additional hardware or software, since ProVision Resources only needs to orchestrate and send provisioning orders.

► If a Resource does have an automated query and command interface, ProVision can automate provisioning as it does with EBS accounts and responsibilities.

► It takes just a few days to set up the approvers and associate them with their designated resources, to configure user eligibility rules, and status notification options.

► Self-service manager creation of contingent worker in Oracle EBS, along with EBS user account and initial responsibility request, approval, and automated provisioning.

► If you replace manual processes and have significant resource assignment activity, they reduce administrative costs, and possibly reduce future audit costs.

► Service levels increase while eliminating administrative workload.

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ProVision Resources for Oracle E-Business Suite

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