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Kount Complete - Oracle Validated Integration for Oracle Commerce v11

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Keeping up with the increasingly complex and dynamic nature of fraud is more difficult every day. That's why Kount was developed as a turnkey, all-in-one platform to run your entire fraud and risk operation. It's easy to implement and easy to use. Merely reacting to suspicious transactions leaves most merchants one step behind fast-moving fraudsters - and exposes them to potential losses. Kount provides a proactive, strategic approach to fraud management that helps you prevent fraud before it occurs. This integration module allows you to connect your Oracle ATG Web Commerce application with this best-of-breed fraud solution.

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The Commerce Architects Kount Complete Integration module provides a quick method for integrating an Oracle ATG Web Commerce application with the Kount Complete Fraud Service. The module is packaged in the standard ATG module structure. We recommend that you build the module along with your application for ease of customization if needed.

The service works by first initiating Kount’s data collector service. This provides Kount with information about the user’s device and location. Next, during checkout, a pipeline processor makes a call via HTTPS to the Kount service to pass details of the transaction. The Kount service then determines whether the order should be approved immediately, reviewed (if necessary), or declined. These results can be mapped to ATG order states using the central configuration components provided with the module. Once the order is captured, the merchant can use the included form handlers and sample Java Server pages (JSPs) to integrate the web service calls back to Kount to notify Kount of final order disposition (an order held for review was ultimately declined in Commerce Service Center (CSC), for example), and to notify Kount if the user is given a refund for the order or if there was a chargeback to the order’s credit card. The details of the results of the fraud service can be logged to a separate repository for reporting and analysis. The list of response attributes to log to the reporting repository is configurable through a properties file.

To summarize, the components included in the module are:
1. A data collector droplet to gather information about the user before checkout, and sample JSP code for how you integrate this into your billing page
2. A pipeline component to make the HTTPS call to Kount to assess fraud, and either hold the order for agent review, decline the order, or approve the order
3. Form handlers and sample JSPs for making API calls back to Kount to alert them of final order disposition, or to alert for chargeback/refund details.
4. A custom repository and code to persist the details of the fraud risk assessment response fields to the database.

A complete Installation and Administration guide is available to assist with integrating the module into your application.
Kount provides an Agent Workflow Console for configuring the service and for reviewing transaction details, when necessary.

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The Kount Complete integration module is easily installed in any Oracle Commerce application. It has been integrated and tested with the Oracle Commerce Reference Store as well as the Commerce Architects Foundation Reference Store.

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Kount Complete - Oracle Validated Integration for Oracle Commerce v11

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