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Performance Tuning

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Sometimes a system performs badly. Or just not as well as you had hoped or expected and the reason why is not immediately obvious to those working with it. We specialize in Oracle Database performance and the many influencers around it that underlie poor performance.

Besides solving current performance problems, we also recommend proactive tuning, which has the following advantages:

  • Optimal sizing when buying new hardware.
  • A comprehensive insight in DB activity.
  • The elimination of unnecessary resources usage.
  • An optimization of systems in order to reduce or stabilize the license cost.


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Our tuning expertise

Our areas of tuning expertise are:

  • DB activity:
    • CPU.
    • I/O.
    • Memory.
    • Wait events.
    • Locking.
  • OS activity:
    • CPU.
    • Memory.
    • Storage.

First we look at overall DB performance, though individual queries and action can be evaluated as a second step as well.

How we do it

We take the following steps to come to our findings and recommendations concerning your performance issues:

Phase 1: Scope & Objectives.

Define the DBs and systems where the problem occurs.

Describe the current architecture (clustering, storage configuration, application servers,…).

Define the purpose of the analysis (HW renewal, issues, consolidation, license cost, …).

Phase 2: Configure the tools.

Apart from using the existing Oracle tools such as AWR, we also have our own monitoring and reporting tools, designed specifically for reading the DB environment in detail and report comprehensively on these measurements:

Plato (tool): gives an overview of the actual structure and settings of the DB.

Pandora (tool): collects and visualizes key performance statistics over time.

Phase 3: Sampling period (minimum one week is recommended).

Phase 4: Analysis.

Creation of the report of findings:

Deep insight in actual DB performance.

Overview of highest resource usage.

Recommendations & quick wins:

Interesting areas for tuning.

Architecture, DB versions, …

DB settings and features.

OS parameters.

Storage configuration.

Phase 5: Presentation & Discussion.

Phase 6: Recurring evaluation (optional).

Distinguishing Features


Exitas has deep and unique expertise in the evaluation of Oracle database performance. The approach can be done in 2 ways: either by doing a global evaluation of the environment, trying to identify possible bottlenecks, or by investigating a specific performance problem, indicated by you.


Our experts rely on years of experience, the latest tool sets, and a sound methodology to help you in this complex and challenging area.

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Performance Tuning

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Exitas is an ICT provider of hardware, software and services. We provide organizations with resources to build the IT-infrastructure they envision. We can help you in designing your environment, implement it and run solutions across the entire technology stack, from hardware all the way up to customized all-in solutions. Exitas has been the Belgian market leader for the last 15 years for Oracle Databases and System Administration. We continue to grow in both expertise as well as in solutions. Being an Oracle Partner, we continue to focus and specialize, enabling us to deliver projects with expertise and commitment.


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