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Certify Business Processes

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Certify Business Processes (CBP) allows internal auditors and process approvers to be more efficient. Its three main functions are:

► Store secure copies of business process source documents.

► Facilitate the process by which the audit manager and business process owners conduct the periodic process audits.

► Provide the secure record of certifications over time.

You can transform email and spreadsheet driven process audits into an automated, data-driven process and get the job done faster.

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You can store the documentation files in the database, keeping multiple versions as needed. The documents can be in any format, including Visio diagrams, Word process flow descriptions, and Adobe PDF files. In addition to descriptive information about the stored files, CBP supports hierarchical process structures. The document file owners are selected from E-Business Suite users, as are the process approvers.

CBP guides audit managers and process approvers through the process. The audit manager creates a business process audit. CBP notifies the process approvers, who then access process documents in CBP to compare to the actual processes. They either certify the process or take follow up action until they can.

Since all the data about processes, documentation, approvers, and audit results is stored in the database, and integrated with E-Business Suite, the certification data is secure and transparent. While the source process diagrams and descriptions are created and modified by numerous individuals throughout an organization, CBP keeps a "database of record" of the processes, people, and certifications.

Distinguishing Features

► Support for hierarchical business process flows.

► Optional integration with Oracle E-Business Suite.

► Process documents are stored in the Oracle Database to form a permanent, centralized record independent of numerous sources.

► Process support for audit managers and business process approvers.

► Full online interactive reporting and charting.

► Easily accessed by external financial auditors.

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Certify Business Processes

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