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Application Auditor for Oracle E-Business Suite

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Application Auditor (AA) enables you to Detect, Audit, and Prevent unauthorized changes to business data, which are key capabilities for governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) user access controls. We developed AA in 2004 with a customer who needed help shortly after Sarbanes-Oxley legislation (SOX) led to more stringent Financial Audits. In the years since then, other customers have guided us, and AA now has a rich set of features that helps them with their audit requirements. Financial and IT auditors easily use Application Auditor.

AA’s functionality and seeded content simplify SOX controls over E-Business Suite environments. Finance and Internal Audit Staff can put controls on any Oracle Database application, on their terms, not technical ones. They will not need IT Staff to be an intermediary when they audit the Oracle Database, the same database and applications the IT Staff themselves develop and support. This is good because it reduces IT's workload to support SOX audits, and the audits are more independent.

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AA watches over database transactions and direct SQL statements that violate defined audit criteria. It validates that compliance controls for SOX are in place and effective. Its Continuous Controls Monitoring (CCM) facilitates immediate remediation of any violations. Your External Financial Auditors may reduce the frequency of detailed “control effectivity” reviews, which could reduce your costs. The audit trail records provide complete information about the transaction, and it's easy to read them, so auditors work efficiently. The audit trail itself is secure, so it can support compliance reporting and prove controls are in place.

Application Auditor requires no additional hardware, and it does not impact your application's integrity, since it works at the database level. AA also detects unauthorized attempts to change its configuration, so it is very difficult to compromise the audit trail integrity.

Detect, Audit, and/or Prevent:

When you audit a database table, you set the detection criteria, which determines when an audit trail record is created. You then decide if a notification should be sent to a person or software agent. Finally, there is the option also to prevent the transaction from taking place.

When you audit the data dictionary itself, you select which operations (such as alter, rename, create, grant, or truncate) and which schemas are in scope. As with table audits, you decide whether to create an audit record, whether to send a notification, and whether to prevent the operation.

Beyond E-Business Suite:

► Do you have other commercial or custom applications that are in scope for your audits?

► Do those applications use Oracle Database?

If you answer yes to both questions, consider how AA can help you, whether you already use EBS with AA's extensions or not. Customers tell us that it takes about a half hour for an auditor, not a programmer, to configure a table audit, test it, and deploy it to production. Create a continuous controls audit for any application in a few days.


Distinguishing Features


Auditors can use Application Auditor to:

► Identify who changed the data, when, and what changes were made, and see whether the transaction was initiated from within a business application or a database tool.
► Review before and after column values on a single audit record.
► Configure and capture content (lookup values) from other tables to be placed into the audit record, to preserve the context at the time of the transaction.
► Configure selective audit criteria and conditions to narrow the scope of the audit to what is important and actionable.
► Audit IT Staff or Application Users that modify high risk application setups, profile options, or commit unauthorized business transactions that exceed defined controls or limitations.
► Review audit records, recording the fact that the record was reviewed, by whom and when, what the authorization was, and comments.

Extensions for Oracle E-Business Suite:

Application Auditor provides extensions for integration with EBS:
► Over a hundred seeded configurations to audit business data, master data, and application setup configurations, with over 700 data points designed for SOX compliance.
► Segregation of Duties Violations Manager - Define, Audit, Alert, Report, and Prevent user access conflicts across responsibilities, business groups, sets of books, operating units, menus, functions and forms without false positives. Over 1200 pre-defined function conflict pairs available.
► Application User Watch Lists - Define and maintain one or more groups of application users. The lists can help target audits to include or exclude a set of users. The lists can also be used in audit trail reports.
► Capture E-Business Suite Application User Name, Responsibility, Form Name or Concurrent Program that initiated the change.
► Capture changes to text in columns with LONG data types, which are used by several EBS forms, like Oracle Alert, that allow the input and execution of potentially harmful SQL text [also known as "Forms SQL"].

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Application Auditor for Oracle E-Business Suite

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Absolute Technologies, Inc. helps companies leverage their Oracle Applications investment through its line of products and solutions. Absolute provides governance, risk, and compliance (GRC), and revenue bookings backlog and billing (BBB) software for Oracle Database and Oracle E-Business Suite.   Customers have dramatically simplified critical business functions and reduced business process costs.  We emphasize personalized expert support from individuals with a passion for customer success.  

Founded in 1997, Absolute develops affordable solutions, supported by experts.  We understand Oracle Applications customers' goals and challenges.  That is the main reason why our customer base continues to expand year after year. Absolute's software accommodates any size organization using Oracle Applications. Our customers represent businesses in Manufacturing, Financial, Distribution, High-Tech, Communication and Internet industries.  We help Oracle Customers save time and money, since our products build upon their existing technical infrastructure and extend the functionality of their ERP applications in underdeveloped areas. Absolute's employees and affiliates are the force that provides value to our customers. 

From our base in Silicon Valley in the United States, Absolute's software is available world wide and is used by global companies.

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