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TimeClock Plus Direct for PeopleSoft Time & Labor

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TimeClock Plus Direct for PeopleSoft Time & Labor is an Oracle Validated, scalable, enterprise class, time collection solution designed to integrate various time collection devices with PeopleSoft Time & Labor. Data collection methods include badge based terminals, biometrics, mobile/tablet, PC/Web Entry and telephone/IVR. The product offering allows organizations to efficiently collect, validate, and process workforce time and labor information while optimizing their Oracle investment.


Solution Profile

TimeClock Plus offers a broad range of workforce management solutions for time recording and labor optimization. Systems are deployed to multiple sectors including education, government, healthcare, manufacturing, distribution and retail. The company provides solutions that allow its clients to efficiently collect, validate, and process workforce time and labor information while optimizing their Oracle investment. TimeClock Direct is a scalable, enterprise class application that facilitates data flow from a variety of time collection devices including badge-based terminals, biometrics, mobile/tablet, PC/web entry, and telephone/IVR into PeopleSoft and E-Business Suite.


Distinguishing Features

Oracle Validated Integration: PeopleSoft Campus Solutions : Human Capital Management (HCM)

  • Prebuilt, commercially available integration to PeopleSoft Time and Labor
  • Offers various time collection options.
  • Available as either Cloud or OnPremise deployment.
  • Oracle Gold Partner.

Solution Name

TimeClock Plus Direct for PeopleSoft Time & Labor

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  • Oracle Human Capital Management

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  • TimeClock Plus
    TimeClock Plus Direct Validated Integration With PeopleSoft 9.2

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     Optimize your Time and Labor data collection for Oracle PeopleSoft with TimeClock Plus Direct for PeopleSoft Time and Labor
    TimeClock Plus Direct for PeopleSoft automates, validates, and integrates mission-critical workforce data with your PeopleSoft T&L deployment. TimeClock Plus offers a diverse array of data collection methods including badge-based, biometrics, touchscreen kiosk, mobile/wireless, and telephone/IVR.
    Company Overview
    Data Management Inc. (DMI), the maker of TimeClock Plus Direct, is the premier provider of workforce management and data collection solutions that help organizations realize the true value of their workforce by streamlining existing business processes and providing tools to enhance productivity. The company’s solutions enable employers to better manage, control, and report employee labor, providing better information for improved decision-making.

    Integration Overview
    With TimeClock Plus Direct for PeopleSoft Time and Labor, organizations can automate the collection of time and attendance information and integrate with Oracle’s PeopleSoft Time and Labor for processing the data.
    Product features include:
    • Streamlined entry of labor data through an intuitive user interface
    • Advanced security and role based system access
    • Integration that passes Oracle’s stringent integration standards
    • Multiple time-collection options, including badge-based devices, biometrics, mobile, telephone/IVR, and touch-screen kiosks.
    • Scalable and flexible to meet the exacting requirements of large and diverse organizations

    Integration Details
    TimeClock Plus Direct subscribes to the following validation data downloads from PeopleSoft Time and Labor:
    • Time Reporter
    • Schedule
    • Restriction Profile
    • Time Reporting Code
    • Total Hours
    • Reporting Element Tables
    • Task Element Values
    • Task Templates
    • Task Profile
    • Supervisor

    TimeClock Plus Direct publishes the following message types to PeopleSoft Time and Labor:
    • Punched Time Interface
    • Punched Task Interface
    • Elapsed Time Interface
    • Elapsed Task Interface

    Partner Environment
    TimeClock Plus Direct version 7.0
    SQL Server 2012
    Internet Information Service (IIS) 7.5
    Oracle Environment
    Oracle PeopleSoft Time & Labor version 9.2
    Oracle Database 12c (and others)
    Oracle WebLogic Server 12c

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About TimeClock Plus

TimeClock Plus is a premier provider of “best-of-breed” of workforce management and time collection solutions. The company’s offerings are innovative and leverage the latest technologies available for solving the most complex issues faced by today’s employers. Talk to us and find out why over 50,000 customers have chosen TimeClock Plus to complete their workforce management strategy as they seek to do more with less and manage the ever increasing compliance obligations placed upon them.

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