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Certify Responsibility Assignments for Oracle E-Business Suite

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Certify Responsibility Assignments allows internal auditors and assignment approvers to be more independent. There is no need for the Information Technology department to extract information from EBS for auditors and approvers to review, collect the approvers’ decisions, and end date designated assignments. Audit progress and audit results are always available online for participants and stakeholders.

Certify Responsibility Assignments replaces a disjointed, time consuming, and manual audit process with a software solution driven by existing EBS data. It delivers process efficiency, audit accuracy, and continuous visibility.

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Many Oracle E-Business Suite customers periodically audit who has access to which EBS Responsibilities. This activity falls under governance, risk, and compliance (GRC), and segregation of duties (SOD) controls. Either the External financial auditors or the Internal Audit organization creates the requirement. Since EBS User-Responsibility assignment data is complex, the Information Technology organization conducts the responsibility assignment audit. IT extracts user and responsibility information from EBS, sorts and packages it, and distributes it to designated business process and responsibility owners. Those owners review the assignments and provide approval or removal decisions back to IT. Then IT end dates the specified User-Responsibility assignments, and they package the audit results for Internal audit and external auditors.

Certify Responsibility Assignments employs integration with Oracle E-Business Suite to automate the process.  The audit managers load the list of existing approvers, or select them from users already in the EBS data.  Then they assign all in-scope responsibilities to the approvers.  Finally they launch the user-responsibility assignment certification audit, which notifies approvers.  Approvers log into the application using their E-Business Suite credentials, review the users and responsibilities, and make their decisions.  If the user-responsibility assignment is no longer approved, Certify Responsibility Assignments end dates it, with appropriate documentation. 

When used with SOD Violations Manager, the approvers have visibility to any Segregation of Duties (SOD) policy violations inherent in user-responsibility assignments.

Audit managers can monitor progress during the audit.  All the approval certifications and rejections become part of the permanent data record, for internal and external auditors to see.  Without spreadsheets and emails, the access information is kept more secure on a need-to-know basis for the individual approvers.  Audit administration is minimized, IT support is not required, and results are more meaningful.


Distinguishing Features

► Integration with Oracle E-Business Suite.

► Integration with Absolute Technologies' SOD Violations Manager and Pro*Vision Responsibilities.

► Audit process support for audit managers and responsibility approvers.

► Scope can be limited to a selection of EBS responsibilities.

► Extensive on-line interactive reporting for auditors and approvers to research user-responsibility assignment details.

► Certification audit progress is reported continuously with graphs and charts.

Solution Name

Certify Responsibility Assignments for Oracle E-Business Suite

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