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Solution Name

Qualita's Oracle Accelerate Solution for Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne for Fashion Industry

Solution Summary

The fashion and apparel industry is facing challenges on all sides and in many forms. Consolidation of retailers leads to fewer potential retailers, and the mega retailers have the strength and buying power to dictate the price. The end consumers expect a wide variety of choices, that are refreshed with short timelines, coupled with competitive prices. Supply chains are typically complex, distribution channels and transportation costs are volatile and usually expensive. In this environment, retailers must keep an eye on their best sourcing options as the global markets shift and change rapidly, impacting their ability to stay competitive.

           The Oracle Accelerate solution for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne delivered by Qualita Solutions & Consulting is a fully embedded ERP base solution that includes the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Apparel Management module to support multi-attribute items for both distribution and manufacturing companies. JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Apparel Management offers total control of catalogues, seasonal offers, and collection overlap via a collection management application that enables definition of participating products (a product can be multi-collection), with timeframes, customer targets, pricing conditions and, if required, order entry specialization by collection to ensure control of distribution. Fashion industry specific information, such as fabric composition, cleaning codes, etc., are also maintainable and visible throughout the production, supply, sales and logistics processes.

This Oracle Accelerate Solution delivered by Qualita Solutions and Consulting for the Fashion Industry is implemented using our own tried and tested rapid implementation methodology, developed and maintained by Qualita to get you up and running on JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Applications, quickly and reliably.

Solution Profile

The following embedded best practices and business functions are delivered in this solution:

Flows Covered




Inventory Management

Order Management

·  Budgets to Approval

·  Customer Invoice to Receipt

·  Expense Report to Invoice

·  Supplier Invoice to Payment

·  Receipt to Assets

·  Assets to Depreciation

·  Customer Account Review to Payment

·  Customer Statement to Collections

·  Bank Statement to Cash Reconciliation

·  Subledger Journals to Post

·  Period Close to Financial Reports

·  Requisition to Receipt

·  Supplier Return to Settlement





·  Concept to Release

·  Demand to Schedule

·  Schedule to Produce

·  Product Costing to Inventory Valuation

·  Asset Purchase to Maintenance Plan

·  Plan to Maintain Assets

·  Sampling to Acceptance

·  Quality Issue to Resolution

·  Forecast to Plan

·  Plan to Schedule

·  Condition Based Maintenance

·  Inventory Count to Reconciliation

·  Internal Requisition to Deliver

·  Plan to Replenish

·  Accommodate management of multi- attribute items

·  Matrix management and visibility

·  Collection management

·  Dynamic order priority definitions via allocations – top/bottom, color and size management

·  Management and visibility to fabric composition, cleaning codes

Functions Covered




Inventory Management

Order Management

·  Organizational Budgeting

·  Receivable & Revenue Reconciliation

·  Accounts Payable Management

·  Auditing, Controls, and Approvals

·  Fixed Asset Accounting

·  Customer Collections Management

·  Financial Reporting

·  Requisitions Management

·  Goods / Services Procurement

·  Receiving & Returns

·  Transfer orders

·  Engineering Change Management

·  Supply Chain Planning

·  Manufacturing Execution

·  Outside Processing

·  Quality Management

·  Product Costing

·  Asset Purchase & Maintenance

·  Maintenance Planning & Projections



·  Stock tracking and reconciliation

·  Order Management

·  Direct Shipments

·  Shipping & Returns






Inventory Management

Order Management

 Apparel Management *

·  Financials

·  Financial Management and Compliance Console

·  System Foundation

·  Procurement and Subcontract Management

·  Requisition Self Service

·  Manufacturing Management

·  Quality Management

·  Requirements Planning


·   Inventory Management

·   Sales Order Management

·  Procurement & SOE Item, Matrix Entry

·  Shop Floor Management of Matrix Items

·  Collection Management

·  Allocation Management

·  Global Work Orders

·  Product Data Management

Apparel Management* modules are implemented post use of Oracle Business Accelerators for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne implementations

Distinguishing Features

Apparel Management Product Highlights

• Assign technical production data (routing and bill of material) to work according to the inheritance or exception model, and by association
• Manage up to ten product attributes (e.g. size, color, style, fabric rating, UV rating, etc.)
• Manage risk effectively, and simulate changing business conditions to develop strategic contingency plans
• Maximize data entry efficiency with Matrix order entry for sales and purchase orders and work orders
• Industry features for managing catalogues/collections and, seasonal offers
• Product data management routing creations and outsource operations
• Unique fashion industry forecasting based on a combination of statistical techniques based on the spectrum of comparable collections, seasonality and extrapolation, and a collaborative model
• Multi-currency and multi-language capabilities
• Gain profitability insight at many levels:
         - Product group, brand and SKU levels
         - Channel and customer profitability
         - Manufacturing plant profitability at the individual line or work center level

Multi-national capabilities: this solution is available in Spain and can be rolled out globally through the network of Oracle Accelerate partners worldwide

For more information, please visit: http://www.qualita.es/es/soluciones/apparel-JDEdwards-sector-moda

Solution Name

Qualita's Oracle Accelerate Solution for Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne for Fashion Industry

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Case Studies

  •   Original BUFF Optimizes End-to-End Sports-Garment Manufacturing Operations to Maintain Market Leadership

    Original BUFF S.A. is a world-leading, multifunctional-headwear manufacturer. The company created its first multifunctional, seamless, tubular garment in 1992 to meet the specific needs of athletes and outdoor enthusiasts.  The company also has developed protective, multipurpose tubular garments aimed at professional and industrial markets, each using different fabric technologies to suit varying situations and weather conditions. In 1995, Original BUFF began to use exclusive distributors to market its products internationally. Today, 80% of its sales are from outside of Spain, spanning more than 60 countries.

    Why Oracle

    “As a leading sports brand in the tubular-garments sector, we strive to deliver excellent product quality to differentiate ourselves from the competition. Only Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne delivers the features we need to maintain our position as a market leader,” said Harald Kouwijzer, director of finance and administration, Original BUFF.

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About Qualita Solutions & Consulting, SL

QUALITA Solutions & Consulting S.L.  is a Spanish company with headquarters in Sant Cugat del Valles (Barcelona). Framed in the world of  IT solutions, QUALITA is a consulting firm pecializing in the implementation of Enterprise Management software. Since its inception, not only has been focused on implementing the Oracle JD Edwards solution for all its versions, but given the wide experience of his professional team, can offer added value highly qualified and quantifiable: "Understand the needs of each company and meet their objectives in line with the current demand and changes". This area of activity also fits other types of solutions such as Oracle CRM and Oracle Peoplesoft.

Qualita started trading from a first office located in Barcelona, later, coinciding with its consolidation as a leading company in the Oracle Applications environment, we have moved to Sant Cugat del Vallés, where we have our current headquarters location. In September 2008 we have founded SistelQualita for offering commercial and consulting coverage for areas like Levante, Murcia and Andalusia from offices located in Valencia.

In September 2010, the new Qualita office was inaugurated in Girona in order to be closer to our customers in this geographic area.

Since its inception in 2005, year after year, Qualita has accomplished a steady growth.

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