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Solution Summary:

e2x RoadRunner, the Oracle Accelerate solution for Retail Web Commerce, provides a rich-feature set at a level affordable for mid market companies. RoadRunner was built using a test-led agile process, and is ready to accept the customer’s brand and integrations to their existing systems. This means the customer is able to achieve a shorter time to market and a quicker return on investment. Once deployed, customers have the security of knowing that they start with a sustainable and scalable platform that will never need to be replaced. Additional functionality can be added incrementally to meet the ever changing market opportunities. Ambitious mid-sized companies can join the ranks of the world’s best brands and benefit from Oracle Commerce’s proven ability to increase revenues.

Solution Profile:

What is RoadRunner?
e2x RoadRunner is Oracle Accelerate solution for Retail Web Commerce. It is a fully functional enterprise implementation of Oracle Web Commerce and consultancy delivered at a fixed price. This gives you unrivaled time to business benefit and a scalable solution which can be functionally enhanced, but with the knowledge that you will never have to re-platform.

Why this is the right solution?
Successful delivery is much more than the web site. RoadRunner encompasses a development methodology proven over 10 years, is supplied with a unit, functional and load tested codebase and a reliable build and release process.

What do you get?
• A world class web commerce platform
• Branded to reflect your company style
• Core functionalities as detailed in the table below
• Integration with your existing systems (i.e. ERP, Logistics, Payment Service Provider, Google Analytics)
• Fast time to business benefit, 3-4 months is common
• Oracle ATG Licenses (subject to final sizing)
• At a fixed price

RoadRunner Theme



Leverages ATG multisite infrastructure to support selling across multiple brands, countries, currencies


Clean model category and sub category, product and SKU model, list and sale price, attribute selection, e.g. color size etc

Cross-sell and up-sell product presentation

Catalog Images

Standard and alternate family images zoom focus capability on high resolution images


New account, registered user, basic personal data collection

Order History

Visibility of customer order history and status

Shopping Cart

Multi site capable shopping cart


Full ATG personalization supported. Targetable slots on all pages


Add / remove, add to cart, email a friend facility


Anonymous, registered or register during process. (no in process storage of credit card details)

Payment Service Provider

Support for PCI compliant WorldPay indirect module built in

Search Engine Optimization

Natural language URLs, auto generation and canonical support for catalog and content managed pages

Business managed vanity URLs


Full ATG promotions engine available with localization capability

Content Managed Pages

Business controlled content pages


Simple search no Endeca module (Endeca can be included but is the subject of additional license fees)


Reflect where you are

User Interface

Uncluttered JSPs and clean Javascript


Social Media

Ready tagged for Google Analytics or equivalent

Simple Links

Homepage and Navigation

Category hierarchy driven with multiple targetable slots

Device and Browser Support

Built in support for desktop, mobile and tablet

Customer Service Center (CSC)

Configured for immediate deployment to the call center

Click to Call / Click to Chat

Tags and Javascript calls already included to invoke the Software as a Service (SAAS) offered by Oracle

Oracle ATG Recommendations

Tags and Javascript incorporated but requires a regular dump of catalog data to Oracle for this SAAS offering to work in targeted slots

 RoadRunner has been optimized to support up to 45 page views per second on a 6 core Oracle ATG Web Commerce License and provides integrated Customer Service Center (CSC) and Business Control Center seats within the mid market package cost.

Distinguishing Features:

Solution reviewed and approved by the Oracle ATG RGBU team - best in class implementation layer forms the foundation for any ATG implementation but is fantastic for the mid market.


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e2x's Oracle Accelerate solution delivers a complete international eCommerce solution ensuring that businesses gain competitive advantage by enabling growth in new markets and across multiple channels. Focused on minimizing the total cost of ownership, the Oracle ATG Web Commerce powered solution empowers business users to drive sales growth without technical involvement.

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e2x was founded in 2001 as a specialist Java development company. The company is approximately 40 strong, although we flex the team size by adding associates with whom we have worked before depending on the workload. In the transactional eCommerce space we specialize and are dedicated to implementations of the Oracle ATG Web Commerce platform and we have delivered solutions based on this platform on every version since 4.1.

We are passionate about delivery - on time, to budget and at a quality exceeding customer expectations. Every customer with whom we have worked is privately referencable and within the Oracle ATG team we have the reputation of writing code the ATG way, so that e2x implementations have never caused any support overhead.

One of the key specializations of e2x is Internationalisation, licensing an additional module to ATG before the Oracle acquisition (The Multsite Internationalisation Module – MIM). We go further by ensuring we deliver the maximum empowerment of client marketing staff allowing them to focus on realising business benefit without being dependent on technical support.

On the technology side e2x focus on reducing the total cost of ownership by building software in a sustainable, test led, technical process. This approach has delivered measurable business benefits for our clients.

e2x continues to invest in implementation know-how and solutions. We have developed an end to end development process which guarantees successful outcomes and focuses on delivering projects for customers and not embedding consultants in a customer organization. This dedication means that we can deliver custom solutions for both enterprise and mid-sized companies.

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