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KEN-HFS (Kensoft's-Home Finance Software)

Kensoft Infotech Ltd

Membership Level: Gold Cloud Standard
D 4147/48, Oberoi Garden Estate,, Mumbai, Maharashtra   400072 India |Map It


Solution Summary:

KEN-HFS  is designed and developed for NBFCs and banks engaged in the business of housing loans.

Kensoft's-Home Finance Software is a seamlessly integrated Housing Finance Software Product with complete end-to-end integration right from receiving of Application, Credit appraisal to disbursements, accounting and Recovery. With implementation in various Leading Housing Finance companies, the software has matured with actual user inputs and a meaningful knowledgebase incorporated into the system.


Solution Profile:

The Main Modules of KEN-HFS are as follows:-
·         Loan Origination
·         Structured Credit Appraisal
·         Loan Sanction
·         Legal documentation
·         Pre Disbursement checks
·         Technical inspection
·         Disbursements module
·         Loan and Financial Accounts
·         Risk management
·         Recovery
·         Asset classification and NPA management
·         DSS (Decision support system)
·         Utilities
·         Customer services

Distinguishing Features:

KEN-HFS has an evovled knowledge base incorporated into it's systems.

User defined parameters can be set/reset and switched between different types of loans.

It is a domain enriched software product which has been successfully implemented and used in production environments of leading banks, housing finance companies & Financial Institutions for over 7 years.


Solution Details

Solution Availability



Financial Services

Company Size Solution is Targeting

50 - 100

Open Source Solutions



KENSOFT INFOTECH LTD. provides state of the art domain enriched Enterprise Software Solutions and 3-tier Cloud Products. With built-in knowledge-based DSS(Decision Support Systems), it’s Financial Software Products have been successfully implemented and used in major corporations in India and abroad. As an Oracle Gold Partner, Kensoft provides ERP scale solutions as well as cloud applications on Oracle engines.

The Kensoft team has expertise and experience in client-server, three tier and advanced web technologies. Strong database skills in RDBMS coupled with domain knowledge in areas of finance, banking and DSS are some of the highlights. The Kenware Suite of Cloud Applications is designed and built on a 3-Tier Architecture(3TA) with Superior performance for medium to high volume environments.

Detailed Description:

KENSOFT INFOTECH LTD is engaged in the business of developing software products for over 14 years.

Financial software products are a major strength of Kensoft. We have a wide range of banking / lending software designed for Non Banking Finance Companies (NBFCs), Financial Institutions (FIs) and commercial Banks.

Our Flagship Products are as follows:-

  • KEN-HFS (Kensoft's Home Finance Software) : A seamlessly integrated housing finance software product designed for NBFCs and banks engaged in the business of housing loans.
  • SOFTIL (Software for Industrial/Institutional Lending): A comprehensive web-based ERP software built on the 3-tier architecture for Financial institutions, Banks and NBFCs.
  • KEN-CBS (Kensoft's Core Banking Solution): A fully integrated on-line core banking system covering all operational aspects of banking.

Apart from being extremely cost-effective and domain enriched, our Software Products & ERP Scale Financial Solutions are recognised and certified by Bureau Veritas for proactive integrity with verification & security modules.


Our other areas of core competency include :-

  • E-governance software
  • Data Centre design & security consultancy
  • Data porting of legacy data from existing to new software packages.
  • Application Managed Services
  • Data Management
  • Testing Services



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