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DRIVE Fleet Management and Leasing software product - a single generic product applicable to vehicle management requirements worldwide and which represents over 200 man-years of development by our software experts.

 DRIVE is a proven product and is currently installed and operating successfully in 16 countries worldwide. Our policy of continuous product enhancements and DRIVE’s modular structure enables it to be configured to meet the precise and unique needs of each of our clients.

DRIVE is used throughout the world by leading vehicle leasing companies, major vehicle manufacturers, and other operators of large fleets to whom we continue to provide additional services and on-going 24/7 support.

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DRIVE is a complete Leasing, Rental and Fleet Management software solution relevant to all vehicle management operations, and suitable for cars, commercial vehicles and specialist vehicles such as materials handling. It is a modular package available as an in-house or hosted solution and is fully web deployed. The choice of modules will depend upon the line of business and the requirements within each organisation. DRIVE is used in many countries around the world through its comprehensive multi-language and multi-currency capabilities. It is highly configurable to meet specific companies needs including configuration of screens by user and legislation as required. A comprehensive set of eBusiness facilities allow rapid deployment of customer and supplier web access utilising all their specific commercial terms. DRIVE is a generic product supported by our rapid implementation process and web based support service. Using these methods fully functional lease and fleet management systems including eBusiness has gone live within 3 months. Vehicle Leasing and Fleet Management is a highly competitive business with Customers demanding higher levels of service at lower prices. Drive Software Solutions Limited sees the following trends in the future requirements of Vehicle Leasing. 1. The need to reduce costs and administration in tandem with improving management control. 2. Leasing Companies’ Customers are demanding increasing levels of customisation with respect to their commercial terms and the services provided. 3. The Service Levels provided to Customers must continually improve. 4. Customers having access to real time data and reporting through a web interface 5. Greater interaction between departments and customers through workflow activities

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DRIVE is developed using Oracle technology, this strategy was adopted early on to take advantage of the scalability, reliability and on-going development of the ORACLE database.. The system comprises of a single code base that forms a fully integrated enterprise software package. The DRIVE application is modularised to assist marketing and pricing of the application. The system functions described in this document apply to the entire system and significant effort has been applied to provide complete consistency across the entire system. The following principles have been applied in developing DRIVE: - • Business Processes are created as server side re-usable software objects; we refer these to these as API’s (Application Programmatic Interfaces). • The database is fully normalised with some specific exceptions where de-normalised for performance. Maintenance of replicated data in these de-normalised structures is automatic. • Wherever possible the data uses code structures rather than free format, this is to improve data quality and enable conditional reporting. • Data and processes are designed to automatically enter default data, including business rules, as far as possible. This has the dual effect of improving efficiency for internal users and ensures external users have to enter the minimum of data. • All software changes to core product are carried out within our development environment effecting full object version control and impact analysis. • All software shipped includes all necessary migration scripts to move any customer to that release. • To enable eBusiness an additional schema (External Layer) is created with server side objects called WBP’s (Web Business Process). These units directly execute one or more API’s and also incorporates additional external user security. External users execute the same API’s as internal users again implementing the principle of single re-usable objects for business processes. The WBP objects are called from the presentation layer, which can be HTML or Java, a standard business flow structure (called the Internet Function Set – IFS) is included in the emodules. • Enhancements to the software are designed as generic code and added to the core product; new software releases incorporate this code. Functionality is differentiated for different customers through configuration. Exceptions to this are defined as non-invasive and typically comprise reports, interfaces and presentation layers; these can optionally be maintained outside core product. • Management information reporting is provided by Business Objects or ORACLE BIP, universes and business layers for all user data items are provided as part of standard product. • Reports that update the database (e.g. Sales Invoicing) are created in Oracle reports. • Going forwards the standard approach, where possible, for interoperability will utilise the latest industry standard tools such as BPEL.

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About Drive Software Solutions Ltd

DRIVE is the leading supplier of innovative Fleet Management Solutions. Our Applications are targeted at vehicle fleet operators, suppliers and users of complex plant and machinery and vehicle leasing and rental organisations. DRIVE'S worldwide customer base of leading international businesses are generally regarded as reference organisations in the market place. They include major leasing companies, vehicle manufacturers and multi national rental companies as well as organisations operating large internal fleets. DRIVE'S management and staff have enviable experience of specific industry knowledge spanning three decades. Many global organisations have already benifited from DRIVE'S expertise. DRIVE supports its worldwide user base by delivering marketing leading services and solutions that meet their business needs.

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DRIVE is the leading supplier of innovative Fleet Management Solutions. Including

 -CRM - Credit Mangement - TelematicsDriver Management - Allocations - Licence, Training and Penalties - Car EntitlementFuel - Interfaces - Reconciliation - Financial Management - Fuel Card Control- Acquisitions - Disposals - Whole Life Cost Control - Commercials / CarsRental - eRental - Bookings - Customer Specific - Vehicle SearchProduct OverviewMaintenance - eMaintenance - Automated Recharging - Budget and Warranty Control - WorkshopsContract Management - Master Lease Agreements - Unlimited Soft Products - Corporate Structure - Termination PoliciesQuotations - eQuotations - Rate Book - Customer Specific - Multi Quote - Sale and Lease Back Automation


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