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Companies that employ the most productive teams will beat their competitors in every market. Eightfold has invented an AI platform for enterprises to acquire, engage, and retain a diverse workforce. Eightfold customers benefit from faster time to hire, lower cost to hire, greater retention, increased diversity, and other tangible outcomes. The power of the Eightfold solution, called the Talent Intelligence Platform, renders obsolete earlier generations of manual, siloed applications and processes that were not able to convert their talent management into a competitive advantage.

Success Stories

Tata Communications, part of the $100B revenue Tata Group, is realizing success with Eightfold. Tata Communications' hiring pool was not meeting diversity goals, and there were too many applications and slow response rates to candidates.

With Eightfold, Tata Communications can immediately prioritize candidates, mask personal details from hiring managers to prevent bias, and capture key information between hiring managers and recruiters.

Outcomes include:

  • Gender parity in interviews
  • 19% increase in hiring of qualified female candidates
  • 45% increase in hiring for critical, hard-to-find skills
  • 4-6 hours saved per recruiter per week

Streaming entertainment service Hulu is realizing success with Eightfold. The company was missing great candidates because of high resume volume, and yet still struggled to find enough qualified people because recruiters were using too many inefficient sourcing tools.

The Eightfold solution centralizes data from multiple places, immediately locating qualified candidates from inbound resumes. Candidate engagement is automated so recruiters don’t waste time developing one-off email lists.

Results include:

  • 6x response rate to recruiting messages
  • No more need for InMail—pipelines are too full
  • 4 hours saved per recruiter per day
  • 40% of offers driven by Eightfold within 30 days of go-live

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