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AppSuite is a global leader in Cloud CRM programs serving the restaurant and hotel industries.  Our success is a direct result of the comprehensive nature of our Cloud CRM solution supporting:

  • Loyalty & Rewards
  • Gift cards
  • Surveys
  • Multi-channel 1-1 digital marketing
  • Analytics
  • Branded IOS and Android mobile apps
  • Ordering

AppSuite also combines it's comprehensive Cloud CRM solution with a unique “Best Practices” approach to implementing its CRM program.  AppSuite has a deep understanding and unique specialization in Oracle/Micros Point of Sale integrations, allowing the company to seamlessly deploy its CRM program in restaurant and hotel operations.  The AppSuite CRM program is secure, real-time, ubiquitously available, and Cloud based.  Customers are able to manage the CRM program from the power and convenience of the company's and easy to use AppSuite Customer Care Portal.


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