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AppOrbit developed a platform to manage both legacy and new applications with data and configurations running across any infrastructure, i.e. virtual machines, containers in a private, public or hybrid cloud. This allows customers to develop, test, validate and deploy applications quickly across any cloud, i.e. Oracle Cloud. Customers have the ability to snapshot, clone and restore application stacks and databases to run across distributed data platforms…..on-premise…cloud….or hybrid environments. Many appOrbit opportunities that we’re involved in consist of CICD and DevOps projects, specifically regarding application modernization, automated testing & deployment, orchestration, cluster management, lab management, security and governance.



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appOrbit Lab Management, Development and Testing Platform

appOrbit enables the next generation of Application Life-cycle Management for both legacy and modern ​applications. With appOrbit, you can create full copies of your application, including the data, and spin up the application on any infrastructure or cloud. You can test code as fast as you can write it

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