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In any language, anywhere...

Language I/O is an Oracle Gold Partner, specialized in providing products and services for translation automation. At Language I/O, we have been globalizing software and consulting with businesses for over 15 years. We provide products and services that will simplify your steps. We also hook you into the translation and localization services themselves, whether it's machine or human.

Our product suite - LinguistNow, plugs into your Oracle RightNow CX platform to manage local language help-desk and online support. The plug-in entirely automates the process of translating support emails and help or FAQ content into 100+ languages. By entirely automating the export of new content for translation and the import of the translated content, LinguistNow dramatically speeds up your client response times, new product release processes and reduces the risk of errors that is present when you perform these steps manually.It can be configured to use pools of rapid-turn-around human linguists as well as high-quality machine translation solutions.

Our job is to simplify yours, without compromising on quality, SLA's or language support. We can get you up and running with any of our products in less than 2 week. You can chose to use machine translation or human translators, our linguists or yours at a price point that is minimal compared to what your manual costs and efforts would be. Please ask us for client references!  




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Cloud Applications (Oracle Cloud Marketplace)

LinguistNow Help

LinguistNow Help provides you with a one-click solution for high quality FAQ (Answer) translation into 150+ languages.

LinguistNow Response

Provide email support in any language with a simple click of a button.

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