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Oracle Cloud Application

Cloud applications that interoperate with the Oracle Cloud.

  • Salesforce External Data Intelligence No more syncs! No more data diet! No more data in CDOs! Full CRM data at your fingertips!

  • Export to AWS S3 Export Oracle Eloqua Data to AWS S3

  • portQii Asset Version Control No more backup of a backup of a backup! Keep your Oracle Eloqua instance lean and clean!

  • Asset Dependency Manager Imagine Your Day Simplified With Asset Dependency Manager

  • portQii Transporter Build, Validate, Deploy! Move assets between Oracle Eloqua instances in a few simple steps. Let the app do all the hard work by calculating the dependencies of an asset and automatically including them to be migrated. Deploy one asset at a time or deploy a full campaign, you have the control.

  • Oracle Eloqua Asset Naming Assistant Use the Oracle Eloqua Asset Naming Assistant application to leverage the naming convention defined by the business allowing user selections to be applied to the name of the asset. Help create organizational structure to your assets, lists, emails, groups, etc. within Oracle Eloqua.

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