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Compliance is a company specialized in Brazilian tax requirements. Founded in 2006 by accountants and technicians who had foreseen on SPED (Digital Public Bookkeeping System) an opportunity to develop an innovative solution in terms of technology that assures the clients a full Brazil tax compliance. The tool is 100% WEB and capable of meeting all fiscal obligations and electronic invoice requirements in a single integrated solution. Compliance is an Oracle certified solution and available through cloud and on premises.

The solution is integrated with the main market management systems such as Oracle, JD Edwards, PeopleSoft, SAP, Dynamics, Infor and legacy systems. The scope of the solution is quite comprehensive and ranges from the treatment of electronic tax documents (messaging) to the automation of tax processes (calculation, bookkeeping, declaration, compensation and payment) of the Brazilian tax obligations in the three government statements, Federal, State and Local.

In 2009 has begun acting in specialized services areas such as tax expertise, accounting, labor and financial calculations. In 2014 has begun a new cycle of growth based on building alliances with major ERPs, management systems and use their ecosystem for solutions commercialization and implementation.

Tax Compliance staff consists of more than 50 professional contractors (CLT), more than a half of them are tax specialists with expertise in different business segments.

Compliance Fiscal has a network of sales and implementation channels to meet more than 1,000 companies such as Odebrecht Group, Adidas, JBS, Network Trend, Aceco Ti, Sal Cisne, Manikraft, Alta Genetics, Supermarket Verdemar, Bermas, Zanini, Supervia, Cremer, Supermarket Superbom, PWC, Vigor, Southco, Brejeiro among others.

It´s headquarter is located in Ribeirao Preto, where development and administrative teams are based. The commercial and service teams are located in Sao Paulo, Paulista Avenue.

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Cloud Platform Ready

An application that supports one or more Oracle Cloud-compatible technology products or operating systems.

  • Compliance Fiscal Aplicativo desenvolvido em Java J2EE e base de dados Oracle; Corre em qualquer sistema operacional; Usa o aplicativo Oracle WebLogic Server; Aprovado nos navegadores de internet mais populares (Internet explorer, Mozilla e Google Chrome); Interface gráfica independente; Regra de negócios na base de dados Oracle;

Oracle Validated Integrations

With an Oracle Validated Integration, customers can be confident that a partner's integration has been built in a repeatable manner and performs as documented.

  • Compliance Tax Solutions

    Compliance Tax Solution was born in tune with SPED project and therefore all technical and functional architecture was designed and developed to meet technology and tax and accounting areas from companies.

    Looking at all SPED scenario, which would be the future of the tax area in Brazil, Compliance has developed a unique solution to meet all ancillary obligations. The solution covers everything from messaging to tax records.

    Compliance is a company that seeks to ease, quality and expertise in their solutions. So your main goal is to provide an easy use experience of its products to the customers by combining the expertise of specialized services by reducing tax burden for businesses and by reducing non-compliance costs and providing ease of calculation and corporate taxes delivery.

    Sales arrangements for Fiscal Solution:

    IN-HOUSE - Provides rapid deployment in the customer environment due to one simple product architecture.

    SAAS - solution available as a cloud service. More efficient and cost-effective deployment without the need for infrastructure investment.

    Special Services:

    In addition to Fiscal Solution, Compliance has a range of specialized services such as:

    - BPO (Business Process Outsourcing);

    - Consulting (Accounting, Finance and HR);

    - Skills (Accounting, Tax, Labor and Financial Calculus);

    - Sanitation of main data (Customers, Suppliers, Products and Employees).

    This application has achieved:Oracle Validated Integration with Financials (FMS)

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