JAN Kelley Marketing

1006 Skyview Ave, Second Floor
Burlington, ON   L7P 0V1 Canada


Dealers. Franchises. Distributors. We know how sales networks work and how to make them work better. It's our specialty.

By applying our unique insights, proprietary technology and processes, we've helped multinational organizations such as BASF, DuPont, Navistar, RIM, Petro-Canada and Harley-Davidson accelerate their business.

When it comes to driving measurable sales results, establishing loyal customer relationships and building strong brands, we've learned that success depends as much on marketing to the network as it does through the network. We believe brands will only live in the hearts and minds of consumers when they live in the hearts and minds of those who deliver them.


  • Marketing Communications Services

    JAN Kelley Marketing offers a full suite of in-house marketing communications services from strategic planning to brand development; media planning to creative development; digital and mobile marketing to lead generation and demand marketing.

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