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e2x was founded in 2001 as a specialist Java development company. The company is approximately 40 strong, although we flex the team size by adding associates with whom we have worked before depending on the workload. In the transactional eCommerce space we specialize and are dedicated to implementations of the Oracle ATG Web Commerce platform and we have delivered solutions based on this platform on every version since 4.1.

We are passionate about delivery - on time, to budget and at a quality exceeding customer expectations. Every customer with whom we have worked is privately referencable and within the Oracle ATG team we have the reputation of writing code the ATG way, so that e2x implementations have never caused any support overhead.

One of the key specializations of e2x is Internationalisation, licensing an additional module to ATG before the Oracle acquisition (The Multsite Internationalisation Module – MIM). We go further by ensuring we deliver the maximum empowerment of client marketing staff allowing them to focus on realising business benefit without being dependent on technical support.

On the technology side e2x focus on reducing the total cost of ownership by building software in a sustainable, test led, technical process. This approach has delivered measurable business benefits for our clients.

e2x continues to invest in implementation know-how and solutions. We have developed an end to end development process which guarantees successful outcomes and focuses on delivering projects for customers and not embedding consultants in a customer organization. This dedication means that we can deliver custom solutions for both enterprise and mid-sized companies.


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e2x RoadRunner - the ATG Oracle Accelerate solution for Telecommunications Industry

Analysts report that about 74% of customers use three or more communications channels when they try to complete a single business or customer-care transaction. With increased social networking and the growing influence of retail processes within the telecom industry, operators will need to expand their ability to provide seamless and consistent experiences for consumers who move from one channel to another.

For these reasons, the RoadRunner Oracle Accelerate solution delivered by e2x offers the following capabilities: connected interactions, seamless and consistent experiences, and unified marketing campaigns across the various communications channels.

e2x RoadRunner - the ATG Oracle Accelerate solution for Manufacturing Industry

The RoadRunner ATG Oracle Accelerate solution delivered by e2x for the Manufacturing Industry enables rapid product launches, supports the most complex monetization models, and provides real-time insights into market effectiveness, maximizing customer interactions.

e2x RoadRunner - the ATG Oracle Accelerate solution for Retail Web Commerce

e2x RoadRunner, the Oracle Accelerate solution for Retail Web Commerce, provides a rich-feature set at a level affordable for mid market companies. RoadRunner was built using a test-led agile process, and is ready to accept the customer’s brand and integrations to their existing systems. This means the customer is able to achieve a shorter time to market and a quicker return on investment. Once deployed, customers have the security of knowing that they start with a sustainable and scalable platform that will never need to be replaced. Additional functionality can be added incrementally to meet the ever changing market opportunities. Ambitious mid-sized companies can join the ranks of the world’s best brands and benefit from Oracle Commerce’s proven ability to increase revenues.

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