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Tive helps companies eliminate surprises in their supply chain by providing real-time visibility of the location and condition of their shipments. Tive’s combination of cellular-connected trackers and cloud-based software enables customized alerts, reporting and analysis on shipments across all modes of transport. As a result, companies are never caught off guard by damage or delays, helping them improve customer service while reducing disruptions and logistics costs. 

Success Stories

One of our best success stories was the time we saved a $1.5 million dollar pharmaceutical shipment with a real-time temperature excursion alert that enabled the manufacturer to fix the reefer container before the ship left port. We also had a similar experience with German specialty chemicals manufacturer EMD Performance Materials, where a temperature excursion alert identified a broken air conditioning system, giving the company the heads up they needed to save the shipment and deliver on time. These are just a few examples of the ways in which our real-time visibility solution enables companies to identify and eliminate problems before they occur.

Pharma Case Study: https://blog.tive.co/pharma-company-avoids-lost-sales-by-using-tive

EMD Performance Materials - Coverage in Inbound Logistics: https://www.inboundlogistics.com/cms/article/supply-chain-visibility-can-you-see-me-now/

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