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Absolute Technologies, Inc. helps companies leverage their Oracle Applications investment through its line of products and solutions. Absolute provides governance, risk, and compliance (GRC), and revenue bookings backlog and billing (BBB) software for Oracle Database and Oracle E-Business Suite.   Customers have dramatically simplified critical business functions and reduced business process costs.  We emphasize personalized expert support from individuals with a passion for customer success.  

Founded in 1997, Absolute develops affordable solutions, supported by experts.  We understand Oracle Applications customers' goals and challenges.  That is the main reason why our customer base continues to expand year after year. Absolute's software accommodates any size organization using Oracle Applications. Our customers represent businesses in Manufacturing, Financial, Distribution, High-Tech, Communication and Internet industries.  We help Oracle Customers save time and money, since our products build upon their existing technical infrastructure and extend the functionality of their ERP applications in underdeveloped areas. Absolute's employees and affiliates are the force that provides value to our customers. 

From our base in Silicon Valley in the United States, Absolute's software is available world wide and is used by global companies.


  • ProVision Resources for Oracle E-Business Suite

    ProVision Resources (PVR) for Oracle E-Business Suite complements ProVision Responsibilities. ProVision Resources makes EBS the hub to define organization-wide Resources, eligibility rules for access, and approval policies. It automates self-service Resource requests and approvals, and coordinates provisioning activities.

    When you combine ProVision Resources and Responsibilities, you can streamline and integrate provisioning to enhance the Hire-To-Retire business process. It then becomes easy to answer the questions of who has access to what, who approved it, and whether the access is in compliance with policies. You leverage EBS in new ways to unleash your organization's speed and productivity.

  • SOD Violations Manager for Oracle E-Business Suite

    SOD Violations Manager (SOD VM) for Oracle E-Business Suite is a cost effective Segregation of Duties user access control solution. SOD VM unravels EBS's complex access model so you can see who has access to what capabilities. Once you define conflicting capabilities, SOD VM targets the violations, across responsibilities, roles, business groups, ledgers, operating units, menus, functions, and forms.

    Effective SOD controls require the expertise built into software solutions that go beyond the Responsibility level to actual Functions and configurations that impact accessibility and minimize false positive results. SOD VM is an alternative to Oracle's offering that deploys faster, reduces the real SOD risks, and will satisfy your auditors.

    Now available in the Cloud! Have your SoD audit results on your browser in as little as 15 minutes from contract acceptance.

  • BBB Intelligence for Oracle Order Management

    Some businesses, especially discrete manufacturers, require booking, backlog, and billing (BBB) reporting beyond what Oracle E-Business Suite provides. They must have accurate, timely, and consistent BBB reporting to make quarterly operational decisions to improve sales, margins, fulfillment, customer service, and revenue reporting activities. They need the right summary data plus rapid access to supporting details. When EBS doesn’t meet the BBB reporting requirements, companies enhance the application to fill this BBB gap with custom or commercial software or both.

    BBB Intelligence (BBBi) provides this reporting for Charter Manufacturing, Emerson Process Management, Beckman Coulter, Tektronix and others. Since 1997, our customers have simplified and automated revenue and margin reporting for Net Bookings and Historical Backlog.

    BBBi is different. It provides ready to use, reliable, meaningful business information easily accessible by business people. Unbelievable? Just ask our customers!

  • ProVision Responsibilities for Oracle E-Business Suite

    ProVision Responsibilities for Oracle E-Business Suite is a simplified but powerful alternative to Oracle's Approvals Management and User Management applications if your primary goal is to automate the SoD Compliant provisioning of EBS Responsibilities.

    With self-service requests, workflow approvals, SOD checking, and automated provisioning you can be confident every User-Responsibility Assignment is 100% compliant with your policies.

    The reported gains in efficiency and cost savings can be enormous! Review one customer's testimonial.


  • Application Auditor for Oracle E-Business Suite

    Application Auditor (AA) enables you to Detect, Audit, and Prevent unauthorized changes to business data, which are key capabilities for governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) user access controls. We developed AA in 2004 with a customer who needed help shortly after Sarbanes-Oxley legislation (SOX) led to more stringent Financial Audits. In the years since then, other customers have guided us, and AA now has a rich set of features that helps them with their audit requirements. Financial and IT auditors easily use Application Auditor.

    AA’s functionality and seeded content simplify SOX controls over E-Business Suite environments. Finance and Internal Audit Staff can put controls on any Oracle Database application, on their terms, not technical ones. They will not need IT Staff to be an intermediary when they audit the Oracle Database, the same database and applications the IT Staff themselves develop and support. This is good because it reduces IT's workload to support SOX audits, and the audits are more independent.

  • ProView APEX

    ProView APEX for Oracle Application Express is Absolute’s environment for adding capabilities to our core products and new E-Business Suite extensions. It provides an alternative to native EBS forms and Oracle Application Framework pages found in 11i and R12. It’s based on Oracle Application Express, also known as APEX, a development and delivery platform that’s now part of Oracle Database, and which Oracle itself uses with EBS. We are a leader among Oracle Partner Independent Software Vendors (ISV) in delivering software using APEX that extends and integrates with E-Business Suite. Each of our other products has interactive reporting and analysis pages, or functional extensions, or both. Our Certify products are built entirely in ProView APEX. ProView is also offered as a framework solution for customers who want a head start developing and deploying APEX applications that integrate with EBS.

    The ProView APEX platform is an alternative and a complement to developing EBS extensions and stand alone applications in Oracle Forms or Application Framework. It has helped us deliver value to customers quickly.

    If you are looking to modernize departmental or organization-wide custom applications and integrate them with EBS, so you can reduce your internal maintenance workload, ProView APEX can give you a framework so your developers can get the job done quickly, with consistent high quality.

  • Certify Business Processes

    Certify Business Processes (CBP) allows internal auditors and process approvers to be more efficient. Its three main functions are:

    ► Store secure copies of business process source documents.

    ► Facilitate the process by which the audit manager and business process owners conduct the periodic process audits.

    ► Provide the secure record of certifications over time.

    You can transform email and spreadsheet driven process audits into an automated, data-driven process and get the job done faster.

  • Certify Responsibility Assignments for Oracle E-Business Suite

    Certify Responsibility Assignments allows internal auditors and assignment approvers to be more independent. There is no need for the Information Technology department to extract information from EBS for auditors and approvers to review, collect the approvers’ decisions, and end date designated assignments. Audit progress and audit results are always available online for participants and stakeholders.

    Certify Responsibility Assignments replaces a disjointed, time consuming, and manual audit process with a software solution driven by existing EBS data. It delivers process efficiency, audit accuracy, and continuous visibility.

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