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Specialized Partners

OPN Specialized Partners
Select OPN Specialized Partners


OPN Specialized allows partners to showcase their expertise in selling and implementing Oracle solutions. Customers select specialized partners because they have the knowledge, experience and commitment to help their business succeed. Oracle teams with specialized partners because they meet stringent competency and business requirements giving them in-depth product and industry knowledge to accelerate the sales cycle and deploy successful implementations.

Featured Advanced Specialized Partners

Featured Partner Featured Advanced Specialized Partners

Specialized partners at the Gold, Platinum and Diamond levels can showcase the depth and breadth of their global implementation resources in our Advanced Specialization program. To qualify for Advanced Specialization, eligible partners must meet standard OPN Specialized business and competency criteria for Specialization, plus have 50 or more Oracle-certified implementation specialists on staff.

Featured Specialized Partners

Featured Partner Featured Specialized Partners

Select Specialized OPN members with the confidence that they will deliver the solution you need to solve critical business problems.

Engage with an insightful, knowledgeable partner who is an expert in the defined product or industry area and able to successfully develop, architect and implement an Oracle specific solution.

What Does it Mean to be Specialized?
Specialized OPN Members Value to Oracle Customers

Learn how OPN Specialized can help customers select the right partner with the right skills and certifications to support their critical business needs.

In the Spotlight

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Customer's Voice

Hear what Oracle customers say about their experience of working with a Specialized partner.

Infographic: Be Smart About Cloud


Specialized Partners Value

Specialized partners in-depth knowledge and expertise allows them to develop, architect, and implement Oracle solutions.

Event: Cloud Odyssey


Find an Event Near You

Search for a partner event near your location and engage with an OPN member.

Unleash ISV Application Performance with Engineered Systems

The Oracle Exastack Program enables Oracle partners to leverage a scalable, integrated infrastructure to deliver their applications tuned, tested and optimized for high-performance.

Expect a Faster, More Reliable Infrastructure from Oracle Exastack Partners

Customers can be confident choosing a partner's Oracle Exastack application and expect:

  • A consolidated engineered system that boosts time-to-value for accelerated system performance
  • Rapid data/transaction processing times
  • Improved customer experience
  • Lower cost of ownership for higher profit margins and increased competitive advantage
Customers Value Oracle Exastack Optimized Partners
Customers Value Oracle Exastack Optimized Partners

Learn why customers value Oracle Exastack Optimized partners.

Providing Customer Confidence

Many Oracle partners provide solutions that are integrated with one or more Oracle Applications. With Oracle Validated Integration, Oracle customers can be confident that:

  • A partner's integration has been tested, and validated as functionally and technically sound
  • The partner solution is integrated with Oracle applications in a reliable, standardized way
  • The integration operates and performs as documented

Delivering Partner Value

OPN partners are rapidly taking advantage of Oracle Validated Integration to position their solutions with proven integration to Oracle Applications.

Note: Partners are responsible for providing first-line support for their solutions and integrations. Oracle will provide support for Oracle products as determined by Oracle Support policy. Inclusion of a partner on this website, and / or achievement of Oracle Validated Integration, does not constitute an endorsement or warranty by Oracle of any partner's products or services.

Why Oracle Accelerate?

Oracle Accelerate is Oracle's approach for providing simple to deploy, packaged, enterprise-class software solutions to growing midsize organizations through its network of expert partners.

Oracle Accelerate: Helping Midsize Businesses Grow
Oracle Accelerate: Helping Midsize Businesses Grow

Learn how Oracle Accelerate is helping midsize businesses grow.

Oracle Accelerate provides:

  • Expert Partners with Simple to Deploy Solutions
  • Foundation for Innovation & Growth
  • Fast Time to Benefit
  • Deep Industry Capabilities
  • Reduced Project Risk

Delivering Partner Value

OPN partners go-to-market and showcase their expertise with Oracle Accelerate to offer simple to deploy, best-practice-based packaged solutions of Oracle Applications to midsize companies.

Maximize the Value of Your Oracle Cloud Technology

Oracle Cloud Fixed Scope Offerings are Partner solutions that have been reviewed for scoping and customer value by Oracle. Customers can browse and select FSO offerings that best fit their business requirements.

Begin measuring ROI in a more reliable and credible fashion. Start your search today and quickly recognize the value of Partners with an Oracle Cloud Fixed Scope Offering.

Delivering Partner Value

Compete on a level playing field with pure play cloud providers by delivering Oracle Cloud Fixed Scope Offerings.

The partners listed in the Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN) Solutions Catalog are part of the Oracle PartnerNetwork Program, however Oracle does not endorse any of the partners or their software, solutions, services or training listed on this site. Oracle disclaims any and all liability arising out of your use of the Oracle PartnerNetwork Solutions Catalog, including use of partners, software, solutions, services and training listed on the site.


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