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Customer Interaction Center Validated Integration with Oracle's Siebel Customer Relationship Management


7601 Interactive Way,
Indianapolis, IN   46278
United States

Solution Summary:

Customer Interaction Center (CIC) from Interactive Intelligence offers Oracle’s Siebel Customer Relationship Management 8.1 (Siebel CRM) customers a tightly integrated solution for contact center automation. CIC’s advanced soft-phone capabilities are integrated into the Siebel CRM user interface, providing standard call controls and a powerful user-configurable, rules-driven “screen pop” for virtually any Siebel CRM view based on data collected in the phone system. This integration offers the following:
·  An extensible model enabling implementation-specific commands/events
·  Synchronization of voice and data on internal transfers
·  Media bar presentation for quick access to call controls—make call, pick up, hold
·  Configurable work-item display
·  Unified reporting for activity generation and time-in-system tracking
·  No middleware vendors—it’s all from Interactive Intelligence

Solution Profile:

Integration Details
CIC and Siebel CRM integrate the functionality of CIC’s desktop client into the Siebel Web Client using CIC’s IceLib SDK and the Siebel CRM  Adaptive Communications API (Figure 1) providing ease of deployment via:
·  Server-side installation—no deployment required on the desktop
·  Extensive log-in support (teleset, workstation, remote, CIC client)
·  Tolerance of connection loss and telephony switchover

Distinguishing Features:

Key Benefits

Improve the agent experience

·         Centralize service functions in the Siebel CRM client
·         Administer multiple interactions in progress
·         Presence management, agent availability
·         Screen-pop customer data with inbound interactions or manually associate a current activity to a contact object
·         No toggling between systems and applications during the service process
Improve customer satisfaction
·         Handle incoming interactions seamlessly
·         No delays from accessing multiple systems and applications
·         Put the customer in full view
·         Conference with subject matter experts

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7601 Interactive Way,
Indianapolis, IN   46278
United States

Interactive Intelligence Group Inc. (Nasdaq:ININ) is a global provider of business communications software and services for contact center automation, unified communications, enterprise IP telephony, and business process automation. The company has developed an all-in-one IP communications software suite that's scalable and standards-based, offering single-platform architecture with inherent multichannel processing to deliver comprehensive applications minus the cost and complexity introduced by multi-point vendors. Founded in 1994 and backed by more than 5,000 customers worldwide, Interactive Intelligence is an experienced leader delivering a comprehensive solution-set comprised of premises-based and cloud-based communications-as-a-service (CaaS) offerings, including software, hardware, consulting, support, education and implementation.

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