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dcLINK for Oracle E-Business Suite

 Data Systems International

Data Systems International
Kansas City, MO   64106
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Solution Summary:
dcLINK® for Oracle E-Business Suite tracks inventory, assets, and time - in production, at the warehouse and in the field. It is the one-platform multi-modal data capture solution for RFID, voice, bar code, and mobile applications that provides accurate, real-time integration with enterprise software and is compliant with industry best practices, standards, and security.

Solution Profile:

dcLINK provides two-way communication between Oracle E-Business Suite and handheld mobile devices to capture, validate, and process data using bar codes, voice, or RFID.  dcLINK generates application level events using supported integration with your enterprise system.  dcLINK also interfaces external systems (like scales, conveyors, RFID portals, label/tag printers and automated material handling equipment) with your enterprise software.

Company Overview

Data Systems International® (DSI) is a leading global provider of enterprise mobility
solutions. DSI optimizes enterprise applications with software, hardware, and expert
service solutions that mobilize, automate, and enhance processes, operations, and IT
infrastructure to significantly improve efficiency, effectiveness, and profitability. The
company's scalable solutions can be tailored for clients' unique needs and business
processes to deliver specific value-enhancing results. DSI serves clients worldwide
through its offices in the U.S., U.K., Canada, and Australia, and its global network of

Integration Overview

dcLINK® enables uninterrupted data collection, data validation, and transaction
submission as part of the work process, which allows warehouse, shop floor, and field
personnel to complete their jobs while data is seamlessly updated in Oracle’s JD
Edwards EnterpriseOne. Data is captured and validated as workhappens, resulting in
more accurate and timely reporting.
dcLINK’s real-time validation and update of Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne
enforces business process compliance on a mobile, paperless platform. Flexible
transaction work flows improve productivity. The solution operates on a wide variety
of mobile devices, including handheld, vehicle-mount, fixed, and cellular-enabled
mobile computers. dcLINK accepts data input via RFID, barcode, voice, mobile
applications, and automated machine interfaces.

Integration Details

The advanced architecture of dcLINK provides proven integration with enterprise
software, as well as the flexibility to match existing business processes. Data entry
errors are eliminated, as data is captured using RFID, bar code, and voice inputs, and
then validated using OLE-compliant connections to enterprise database tables. The
user is notified immediately of invalid data. Validated transactions are submitted
using synchronous or asynchronous communication.
Using XML or API integration with Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne,
un-modified master business functions are called to complete the transaction.

Enterprise application messages are returned to the user device and written to a
transaction log. If the enterprise software or network connection to the enterprise
server is unavailable, dcLINK validates data against secondary, replicated data
sources so that mission-critical operations can continue without interruption. Queued
transactions are then processed in sequence according to transaction dependencies
when the enterprise server is available.

DSI Environment
dcLINK 5.0
Oracle Database 10.2
Microsoft Windows
Oracle Environment
Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.0
Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools 8.98.3



Distinguishing Features:
dcLINK supports Oracle database APIs, offering a high capactiy data capture solution for Oracle E-Business Suite. dcLINK standard transactions capture and submit valid Application Level Events (ALEs) to your enterprise sofware for processing. A single transaction works on handheld, vehicle mount, and mobile devices from different vendors without creating and maintaing mulitple versions of the same transaction. dcLINK integration with Oracle E-Business Suite has been validated by Oracle through the Oracle Application Integration Initiative.

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 Data Systems International

Data Systems International
Kansas City, MO   64106
United States

DSI® is a Worldwide Oracle Platinum Partner with industry Specializations in Oil & Gas, Consumer Packaged Goods and Natural Resources. Through its portfolio of Enterprise Mobility Solutions®, DSI helps businesses worldwide increase productivity and profitability by mobilizing critical on- and off-premise business processes.

This business mobilization is made possible with the dcLINK® Mobile Application Platform™, which supports the development of full-featured enterprise applications. Featuring Validated Integrations to JD Edwards World, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and Oracle E-Business Suite, dcLINK empowers businesses to extend the reach and value of their Oracle investment.

With a flexible Integrated Development Environment (IDE), dcLINK makes mobile application development simple by allowing companies to build applications once and then deploy them to multiple device platforms using a single design tool. And because network coverage is hard to predict, mobile applications built using dcLINK work regardless of connectivity.

To further reduce the time and costs associated with application development, DSI offers dcLINK MOBILEApps, a suite of pre-built applications for sales, service and delivery that support more than 400 enterprise processes and 1,900 workflows. MOBILEApps come ready to deploy out of the box for faster ROI and are easily configurable to match unique business requirements.

Understanding enterprise data is mission critical, dcLINK delivers a comprehensive solution for real-time, high-speed mobile data collection. dcLINK supports barcode, voice, RFID and multimodal data collection technologies and integrates with the leading ERP systems and mobile devices companies depend on to power their businesses.

To support enterprise labeling needs, DSI’s offers its suite of Unibar® Enterprise Labeling Software™ (ELS). Fully Web-enabled, compatible with major operating systems and featuring multi-language support and enterprise-grade security, Unibar ELS empowers businesses to cost effectively design and print barcode labels and RFID tags across the entire enterprise.

Finally, to offer a fully comprehensive solution, DSI partners with prominent device manufacturers to power its software with industry-leading hardware. And to better meet the needs of its global customer base anytime of any day, DSI offers a full range of services—including 24/7 global support, managed services and customer training sessions.

Only DSI enables enterprise-wide mobility— from the manufacturing or shop floor all the way through the delivery of product. To learn more about DSI’s Enterprise Mobility Solutions, visit


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