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eQuest Job Posting Delivery 2.9.7 E-business Suite

 eQuest, LLC

eQuest, LLC
2010 Crow Canyon Place, Suite 100-10016
San Ramon, CA   94583
United States

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Job Delivery. Metrics. Media. eQuest, HR Executive Magazine's 2008 Product of the Year, is a world leader in international job-posting deliveries, posting more than 200 million job transactions annually

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Company Overview
eQuest provides a simple, one-page user experience that enables companies to post
jobs to multiple job boards in seconds. This reduces the administrative headache of
having to visit each individual job posting site and manually post each job. Simply put,
eQuest can give your organization access to any internet job board worldwide from a
single, one-page interface.
By using eQuest, organization of all sizes—including small businesses and midsize
companies—can reduce costs and gain the ability to respond to the ever-changing
hiring requirements companies face each day.
eQuest’s growth strategy is based on the company’s own technology innovation,
coinnovation with customers and partners, and intelligent acquisitions. With worldclass
software, value-added services, and unparalleled expertise in addressing the
unique demands of organizations, eQuest continues to grow its market share as a
leading provider of HR job delivery software and related services worldwide.
Integration Overview
Each customer is required to have a valid eQuest account to use the integration. Also,
the eQuest implementation team will need to compile and install Oracle Application
Framework, J2EE, SQL, and PL/SQL objects on an instance of Oracle iRecruitment,
part of Oracle E-Business Suite.
The flow of data will be bidirectional between the Oracle iRecruitment instance and
eQuest JobLauncher 1.2. When a job opening is being posted to eQuest, the job
posting information stored in the Oracle iRecruitment database is compiled and sent as
an HTTP post to the eQuest system. When the posting steps are completed, the eQuest
system sends an HTTP post back to the Oracle iRecruitment application. The posting
information received from the eQuest system contains information about which job
boards the job opening was posted to or deleted from. The recruiter can see the posting
information for each of the job boards within the Oracle iRecruitment application.

The eQuest/Oracle E-Business Suite integration provides the following benefits:

  • Seamless, integrated Oracle iRecruitment job posting experience for recruiters
  • Elimination of manual job board posting entries and ongoing maintenance
  • Post-edit-delete without leaving Oracle iRecruitment
  • Access to hundreds of specialty sites around the world

Integration Details
To post a job opening to eQuest, the user clicks the eQuest button (circled in the
figure below) on the job posting page for an existing job opening. A JavaScript script
called by the button launches a new child browser window and calls a JavaServer
Pages (JSP) page that builds a Web form prepopulated with the information eQuest
requires to post the job.
The Java object uses the built-in JDBC API to retrieve data eQuest requires from the
Oracle iRecruitment database. Once the Web form is created and loaded by the
browser, it is automatically submitted by the JavaScript script. The form is submitted
to the eQuest system when some validation occurs. At this point, the user is in the
eQuest system and can choose which job boards the job should be posted on. Once the
user completes the job posting steps in the eQuest system, eQuest will return the flow
to a JSP page. This JSP page will process the posting information that is sent by
eQuest via HTTP post, store it in the database log table, and update the Oracle
iRecruitment tables. The key information updated in the database includes posting or
deletion dates and the URL of the posting. Thereafter, the child browser window will
be closed automatically by the JavaScript script and the parent browser window—the
vacancy page—will be refreshed.
To remove job postings, the user checks the check box under the Select to Delete
header for each of the job site’s selected vacancies. The user then clicks the Delete
Post button, which follows the same process as the eQuest button; after the deletion,
eQuest immediately returns the user to the Oracle iRecruitment system. Again, after
the return to the Oracle iRecruitment system, information passed along by eQuest is
used to update the job posting information in the Oracle iRecruitment database. The
job postings that were deleted will still show up in the Job Posting Destinations table
but will have the End Date field updated to the current date.

eQuest Environment
JobLauncher 1.2
Oracle Environment
Oracle E-Business Suite 12.1
Oracle Database9i, Enterprise Edition Release
Oracle Application Server Release
Oracle Application Server Release Maintenance Pack
Oracle Human Resources Patch 11i.HR_PF.K
Oracle Applications Framework Release
Business Components Release
UIX (Cabo) 2_2_24_2
BiBeans Runtime nondebug BI Beans 3.1.0.x
AOL/J, Applications Object Library, Core Java Rollup Patch J
Servlet 2.2
JDBC Driver
Operating system: Linux 2.6.18-53.el5xen


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Human Capital Management (HCM)
 eQuest, LLC

eQuest, LLC
2010 Crow Canyon Place, Suite 100-10016
San Ramon, CA   94583
United States

International Job Posting Delivery, Metrics and Media Company.

Detailed Description

eQuest Job Posting Delivery:

eQuest, 2008 Product of the Year, has established itself as the world’s leader in international job-posting deliveries – posting over 200 million job transactions annually.

Founded in 1994 as a technical resume database company in the United States, eQuest has grown into the world’s largest job-posting distribution company meeting the needs of its international customer base.

Today eQuest is a global company with one of the most recognized and admired brands in the human resource industry. Every day, we manage the flow of job-posting transactions to more than 1,000 unique job boards; reaching more than 200 countries and territories worldwide and delivering over 200 million job requisitions annually.

eQuest Job Posting Metrics:

Prophesy 3

2006 & 2008 HR Product Of The Year Award.

eQuest has been rapidly expanding its ancillary services in the direction of assisting its customers in understanding and evaluating job board effectiveness. Unlike other sourcing products, Prophesy3 performs a complete end-to-end tracking of a candidates' job response process. Candidates are tracked as follows:

  • confirms date and time the candidate initially views the job at the job board 
  • geo-locates candidate's location via IP address locaters (GoogleMaps)
  • confirms candidate click-through (APPLY BUTTON) at the board level
  • tracks candidate arriving at the ATS hosted career site for the unique job
  • measures resume conversion rate (how many arrive at site vs. resume submission) 
  • reports how many candidates were interviewed - by job board 
  • reports how many candidates were made offers - by job board 
  • reports the final hire/candidate's original job board source 
  • reports cost-to-hire by board, job, location 
  • reports time-to-hire by board, job, location

eQuest Media Services:

eQuest offers the widest range of Internet media services that accommodate the widest range of choices - so you can select the right service at the right time and the right price to meet your needs. Our services have grown to include not only job-posting distribution services, but also:

  • Internet job board consulting and strategy services
  • Aggregated billing
  • Candidate traffic and status reporting for board analysis and evaluation
  • Single point of contact representation
  • Custom integrations
  • Recruiter activity reporting
  • Technology services
  • Job board negotiating

Customers count on eQuest to simplify their lives and connect their businesses to the global marketplace.

eQuest is a privately-held company with its corporate headquarters based in San Ramon, California, USA.

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