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Strengths Based Selection


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Solution Summary:

Gallup’s Selection product provides organization with a solution that radically improves the way they attract, select, and hire the right people.

Solution Profile:

Gallup Selection System will:
• Reduce cost per hire
• Accelerate recruitment and selection time
• Accelerate ramp-up time and reduce interruption to work flow by:
   o Creating smoother transitions that result from increased cultural fit and ability to perform well in relation to expectations
   o Providing consistency across business units
   o Increasing per-person and team productivity
• Reduce negative impact of poor hires on customers, image and reputation
• Positively impact several crucial outcomes:
   o Profitability
   o Productivity
   o Health and safety
   o Turnover
• Diminish the risk of legal battles because it is legally defensible
   o Scientifically sound
   o Reduce bias

Distinguishing Features:

Distinguishing Features:
• Gallup has more than 500 strengths-based selection (SBS) clients.
• Gallup’s SBS clients and colleagues are worldwide.
   o SBS instruments are available in 27 languages.
   o All items/questions go through a rigorous, five step translation and review process.
• Nearly 5 million people have completed an SBS assessment.
• Unlike most competitors, Gallup has a unique approach: the selection philosophy developed by Don Clifton, the Father of Strengths-Based Psychology.
• Gallup’s selection tools have a spotless legal history.
• Gallup custom-designs each assessment to align with the client’s business strategy, recruiting, technology capacities, management practices, and cultural expectations.
• Assessments are available to be administered through multiple levels of technology: telephonic, Internet-based, and person-to-person.
• Gallup uses its own science and practice. All Gallup associates are selected through Gallup’s assessments. That practice not only ensures that we hire the right person for each role; it also continually furthers our practical understanding of successful selection.

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1001 Gallup Drive,
Omaha, NE   68102
United States

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