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Solix Enterprise Data Management Suite (EDMS)

 Solix Technologies, Inc.

Solix Technologies, Inc.
4500 Great America Parkway, Ste. 120,
Santa Clara, CA   95054
United States

Solution Summary:
Solix EDMS uses the registered knowledgebase including tables, columns, and relations, and joins to group-related transactional business objects into a configuration. Solix EDMS allows building criteria on the configurations and generating of the code. Solix EDMS Supports Oracle Database 11gR2, Oracle Weblogic 11.1 and Oracle Linux 5.5 or higher

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Solix EDMS provides a comprehensive solution that addresses the data governance
challenges faced by enterprises to better manage and protect the data assets in
prepackaged enterprise applications. Solix EDMS Database Archiving is a key module in Solix EDMS. It provides data classification to identify scarcely accessed data that can be moved to an active archive. It also provides the ability to access this data in the active archive simultaneously from the native application. Should there be a need to update read-only data in the active archive, Solix EDMS Database Archiving provides a dearchiving feature to bring the data back to the production database.

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 Solix Technologies, Inc.

Solix Technologies, Inc.
4500 Great America Parkway, Ste. 120,
Santa Clara, CA   95054
United States

Solix Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of Enterprise Data Management solutions, helps businesses to improve application performance, reduce storage costs, meet compliance and data privacy requirements by achieving Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) goals and Data Governance strategies. Solix Enterprise Data Management Suite (Solix EDMS) software enables organizations to implement Database Archiving, Test Data Management (Data Subsetting), Data Masking and Application Retirement across all enterprise data. Solix ExAPPS Appliance is an integrated set of Server, storage and software components for Application Retirement all bundled into a single device. In partnership with leading application and storage vendors, Solix provides integrated information lifecycle management (ILM) and Data Governance solutions for today’s heterogeneous environments. Solix has an extensive global client base, including Fortune 500 companies, and is widely considered the standard for enterprise data management. Solix Technologies is headquartered in Santa Clara, California and has an established worldwide channel program of value added resellers (VARs) and systems integrators. Visit Solix Technologies on the web at and follow Solix on Twitter ( and Facebook (

Detailed Description

Solix - Empowering Enterprise Data Management

Solix Technologies is a leading provider of information lifecycle management and application testing solutions with proven success worldwide helping customers meet vital business challenges:

Information Lifecycle Management

  • Improving application performance and business agility through policy-enforced Solix EDMS Database Archiving;
  • Saving CapEx and OpEx budgets for a Data Center through Solix EDMS Application Retirement and advanced Solix Application Portfolio Management;
  • Delivering a Compliance and e-discovery warehouse of legacy application data through Solix ExAPPS – Industry’s first Application Retirement Appliance.

Application Testing

  • Improving productivity in the IT organization by eliminating manual procedures of creating full-sized clones, through automated and pre-configured Solix EDMS Test Data Management;
  • Saving CapEx and OpEx budgets for storage with smaller sized test databases using Solix EDMS Test Data Management for Subsetting;
  • Delivering data privacy by securing sensitive data in test databases through a library of rich algorithms in Solix EDMS Data Masking while at the same time ensuring consistency for application testing.

The Solix vision is to provide solutions to our customers to help organize, retain, and manage their structured data over the long term in an optimized and secure manner – irrespective of the data source or application – to enable business agility, records management, compliance, and litigation support.

Solix EDMS

To deliver on this vision, we developed Solix EDMS, a single product suite for Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) and Application Testing that is being used by over 120 customers worldwide.

  • Solix EDMS is the only product set built from ground-up in a modern architecture designed to manage data growth and retention and protect sensitive data.
  • Oracle has OEM’ed Solix EDMS Database Archiving for Oracle Flexcube Universal Banking application
  • Solix EDMS Data Masking is OEM’ed by Voltage Security to expand its security solutions to structured data in enterprise applications.
  • It includes unique, pioneering technologies such as Single-Pass Database CloningTM and bring configurator based archiving approach first to the industry.

The Solix EDMS can be licensed as an integrated product suite or as individual products:

Solix ExAPPS

Solix ExAPPS, our new premier product and industry’s first plug-and-play application retirement appliance, is an integrated set of server, storage, and software components. It comes in two models:

Solix ExAPPS Standard:

Built on Novell Suse Linux, and standard Intel hardware, Solix ExAPPS Standard includes storage for retaining legacy application data; includes a small footprint RDBMS, an application server and Solix EDMS Application Retirement with advanced Solix Application Portfolio Manager - all bundled into a single device. It also includes Solix Secure Archive – a columnar database that provides data immutability, and up to 90% data compression with fast query & reporting tools

Solix ExAPPS Mini:

All of above, except Solix Secure Archive

Solix is headquartered in Santa Clara, California, and has global presence with offices in North America and Asia and a growing list of local resellers and system integrators around the world. Our worldwide support center provides 24 X 7 support services and has an unmatched reputation for our dedication in helping to achieve customer success.

Founded 2002
C.E.O. Sai Gundavelli
Headquarters Santa Clara, CA, USA
Market Segment Enterprise Data Management

Contact us to learn how Solix can help you achieve your enterprise data management strategy and goals.

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Solix Technologies, Inc.

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