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Version Workbench

 Steltix Nederland BV

Steltix Nederland BV
Utrecht, NL   3542 DL

Solution Summary:

The Version Workbench: - Change, compare, backup and restore processing option values and data selections consistently across all your environments at light speed.

Solution Profile:

Version Workbench makes maintenance, creation and copying of versions an easy job. It relieves the tedious work of version maintenance to make sure users can focus on business value instead.

  • Add, remove, check-in or check-out multiple versions to OMW projects as well as manage ownership roles between OMW projects and users.
  • Mass (grid enabled, cross version) creation, deletion and copy of versions.
  • Mass (grid enabled, cross version) Processing Options and Data Selection setup maintenance.
  • Cross environment, instance and release compare functionality of Processing Options, Data Selection and Data Sequencing setup.
  • Processing Options can be restored from any snapshot created by Version Workbench into the login environment. Processing Option restore functionality is enabled with a ‘foreign release’ mode which prevents Processing Option values to shift during upgrades.
  • Copy menu structures within and between taskviews. Have a fully functional cross environment menu design tool.

Distinguishing Features:

Version Workbench has an innovative and intuitive approach that allows you to mass change, compare and review processing option values, data selections and data sequencing of interactive and batch versions. Using the export functionality you can create backups to be restored in different systems and environments to transfer your configuration from one system to another. Version Workbench contains tools to change processing option values or data selection values simultaneously for multiple versions of different programs. Batch versions will automatically be checked out when affected by a mass update operation.

Mass Version Management
All Version Workbench operations are fully integrated with existing change management activity rules. Policies regarding checking in and out and promotion will be respected when using Version Workbench. Version Workbench also offers you a very easy project maintenance tool that lets you use wildcards on program names and versions to enable adding multiple versions to a project at once.
Version Workbench can store processing option values, data selections and data sequencing by environment and point in time. This allows you to compare setup data between environments and different moments.
Version Workbench stores setup data in regular database tables. This makes it possible to use standard QBE enabled grid queries making Version Workbench a useful tool for compliance auditors.

Accelerated Roll Out
Multi-company clients use Version Workbench to speed up their roll outs; its powerful features can be used to copy sets of versions, mass replace data selections and option values and, last but not least, copy menu structures. The complete basis of a roll out is finished in hours instead of weeks!

Solution Details
Solution Availability EMEA APAC
Industries Non-Industry Specific
Oracle Products Applications
Company Size Solution is Targeting 501 - 1000
Open Source Solutions No

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 Steltix Nederland BV

Steltix Nederland BV
Utrecht, NL   3542 DL

 Steltix is a customer centric- and quality driven European provider of IT based solutions enabling companies and institutions to increase their business performance, reducing costs and eliminating risks. Steltix provides industry specific applications, implementation services and support based on Oracle applications and technology. Industry specific solutions include amongst others JD Edwards for Medical Devices, Biotechnology and Food and Beverages. 

To effectively implement the various elements of a business solution, Steltix uses a specific methodology, which combines standard deliverables, straightforward phasing and a well defined project organization to predictably and consistently deliver the solution at a fixed scope and fixed price.

Steltix not only specializes in delivering solution, but also provides customers with on-going support. The Steltix support offers high levels support at predictable and favorable rates.

Steltix developes a unique toolset, of which the Version Workbench is an officially Validated Integration with JD Edwards release 9.0 and 9.1.

Check the Steltix Youtube channel as Steltix regularly publishes video's on various subjects. Steltix also regularly hosts a public demo system to provide free access to the newest release of JD Edwards. Announcements and accessibility are also published through the Youtube channel, our Twitter Account or our Website.


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