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Capgemini’s Oracle Accelerate Solution for Trading & Contract Management

 Capgemini N.V

Capgemini N.V
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Solution Summary:

Companies trading and producing in the commodities area are facing many challenges in today’s competitive marketplace. Insight in current market positions, contracts, currency positions, operational risk (control & processes) and compliance is crucial for today’s trading activities. Get the insight advantage by using Oracle Accelerate Solution for Trading & Contract Management based on JD Edwards EnterpriseOne developed by Capgemini. Capgemini's TCM module is build with the JD Edward toolset and fully integrated with the logistical and financial modules

Solution Profile:

Trading of basic commodities, like sugar, cocoa, cotton and coffee represents one of humanity’s oldest commercial activities. Nearly every community throughout history developed some sort of central marketplace where people could meet and trade necessities such as foods, fibers and other basic commodities.
Over time, more participants entered the physical (cash) market. This lengthening of the marketing chain directly affected the value (price) of each commodity. Each participant in the chain added value to the commodity (processed, transported, stored, refined, manufactured, etc.) and this affected the price. A sudden change in the supply/demand equation can squeeze anyone in the chain needing to acquire a commodity that suddenly jumps in value or required to hold a commodity that decreases in value. Virtually all commodities purchased, like meats, grains, oils, dairy, produce, and softs, have varying amounts of price volatility associated with them.

To most companies this volatility can easily be the difference between a successful operation and declining profits. Due to increasing competition in the global marketplace and continues integration within the supply chain there is a need for a software solution that helps trading organizations to be in control.

Capgemini’s Oracle Accelerate Solution for Trading & Contract Management serves the international traders, producers and refiners with a contract management, risk management and supply chain solution that is fully integrated with the standard functionality of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne. The Trading & Contract Management solution addresses topics such as the storage, shipment, transport and trading of raw materials. It contains functionality to support bulk transshipment and shipping. It also supports all basic processes such as finance, distribution and logistics as well as the processing of these raw materials (e.g. the roasting of soy beans, the valorization of vegetable resources and the production of vegetable oils).

Distinguishing Features:

The Oracle Accelerate Solution for Trading & Contract Management enables you to keep track of your trading and contract activities. The following functions & features of the solution are included within the solution:

Charge your supplier based on analysis deficiencies

Currency contracts
Keep track of your currency contracts. Optionally tie them to a specific contract. Recognize actual exchange rate results in your G/L.

Flat purchase contracts
Flat purchase contracts are the basis for the further process of tenders and document presentations. Record the receipt and/or transport of the commodity by boat, vessel or silo.

Future contracts
Keep track of your futures per trading day, commodity future and delivery month

Inventory management
The standard JD Edwards functionality for inventory management and manufacturing. Take full advantage of lot control, tracking & tracing. Take control within your complete supply chain.

Position management
Get insight in your complete economical, premium and currency position. Analyze market, contract and inventory values. Get (detailed) information on commodity (sub) class, future and delivery month.

Premium contracts
Enter optional premium contracts to combine them with future contracts into flat purchase contracts

Sales contracts
The sales contracts store information about items, recurrence, terms and conditions. Flexibility on printing specific contract arrangements. Get insight in contract revenue and cost including long term pricing and exchange rates. Enter additional overhead cost. Contract and invoice template lay outs are available for a quick start. Split contracts into sub contracts.

Relation risk management
Analyze the risk doing business with a partner based on open accounts receivable, accounts payable, flat purchase contracts and sales contracts. The contracts are evaluated against the current market price.

Revenue recognition
Get insight in your daily transaction- and position results based on your positions and trading contract activities.

Weigh bridge interface
The weigh bridge interface connects the physical inventory management with your outstanding contracts. Match the shipment with one or more corresponding contracts. Invoice your customer based on the contract and shipment. Revenue recognition including contract specific accruals in your G/L.

Solution Details
Solution Availability Netherlands
Industries Wholesale Distribution
Oracle Products Applications
Company Size Solution is Targeting 501 - 1000
Open Source Solutions No

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 Capgemini N.V

Capgemini N.V
Utrecht, NL   3528 BJ

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