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ARCTOOLS(R) and the ARCTOOLS Module(TM) for JD Edwards

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Solution Summary:

ARCTOOLS(R) is an award-winning purge and archive utility which allows purging without the need for programming, without locking users out of the system.

The JD Edwards Module (tm) is a comprehensive purge-and-archive methodology for JD Edwards customers using ARCTOOLS.  It allows customers to purge and archive their JD Edwards data with integrity.  The JDE Module supports multiple functional areas within JD Edwards.  It was initially developed in 2002 in collaboration with Denver and several large JDE customers.  It is quick to implement and allows JDE shops to get that long-standing to-do item "clean up production data" off the list.

Customers use ARCTOOLS and the JDE Module to clean up old data, improve system performance, comply with data retention / destruction objectives, prepare for a JDE version upgrade, extract subsets of data, or populate test data.

There are currently over 300 JDE customers on six continents running ARCTOOLS and the JDE Module to purge and archive their JDE data.

ARCTOOLS is available on the IBM i (formerly AS400 and iSeries), Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server platforms.

Solution Profile:

ARCTOOLS is a purge and archive utility for the IBM i, Oracle and SQL Server platforms.  The software allows customers to purge and archive data without locking users out of the system, and without writing purge programs.  When purges are executed, a "code generator" creates the executable in the native language of the platform.  This allows for very efficient and fast purge processing.

The JD Edwards Module is a collection of data analysis tools, procedures and processes (i.e. a "methodology") to analyze the JD Edwards data and determine which documents are eligible to purge given a wide array of criteria, interdependencies and requirements.  An easy-to-use interface allows customers to run these analyses and review the resulting selections.  The results of these analyses are then fed into the ARCTOOLS software to perform the purge and archive steps.

The JDE Module is not simply a collection of purge definitions.  It is a comprehensive methodology for successfully purging and archiving your production data.  It is based on over 10 years experience at over 300 JDE customers across the JDE install base spectrum of industries.

ARCTOOLS requires no special hardware to run.  Installation is simple, and customers can get "up and running" quickly.  Purge logic is easily tweaked, and custom tables (like F55's) are quickly added to existing purges.

ARCTOOLS runs in the native language of the platform.  It is not a UBE.  This allows the ARCTOOLS purges to run very quickly.

ARCTOOLS is not limited to purging only JDE data.  It can be used for any data on the server, so data purges and extracts for any other application on the server can also be quickly developed.

Archived data can easily be made available to native JDE, so the data can be included on vanilla JDE screens and reports.  No cloning or customization of JDE programs is required.

Distinguishing Features:

1. Developed by JDE experts.
2. Hundreds of JDE customers world-wide.
3. Quick installation.
4. No expensive additional hardware required.
5. Numerous JDE functional areas supported.
6. Easily tweaked for additional files / tables, purge criteria.
7. Archive data can be accessed by native JDE software.
8. Purge / archive jobs run in the native language of the database - not a UBE.
9. Can be used for any data, including outside of JDE.
10. Can be used for data extraction and subsetting.

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DCSoftware, Inc.
7 N Mill St,
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