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SimpliCTI-AES Adaptor for RightNow CX

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Solution Summary:

SimpliCTI Software Solutions, Inc. has built connectors to integrate RightNow CX with Avaya AES. The objective of this connector is to provide a “pre-integrated” solution that establishes the RightNow Technologies (RNT) Desktop application and Media Toolbar as the primary user interface for customer interaction.

Optionally, the Adaptor, in conjunction with the SimpliCTI Application Gateway, can be used to route multi-media transactions to the Agent Desktop. The Media Bar is then used to handle all transactions including voice, email, web chat or SMS.

Solution Profile:

The connector enables the telephony controls on the RNT Media Toolbar to provide functionality such as “click to dial”, and RNT Incident screen pop based on Automatic Number Identification (ANI), Dialed Number Identification System (DNIS) or Customer Entered Digits (CED). It is a client-level integration with the RNT Media Toolbar.

Distinguishing Features:

Key Attributes
Enables Softphone Telephony Controls of the RNT CX Media Toolbar
Using ANI, DNIS or CED, facilitates a screen pop of critical customer data upon call delivery to the agent.
Enables the making of calls by dialing a number in the Softphone, choosing a number in an online directory, or choosing a phone number from the active workspace.
View all RNT records related to a call, such as Contact, Incident, etc., and generate automatic call logs
Small software footprint, no expensive middleware, no coding, and no additional hardware required for the Voice CTI connector
Provides “out-of-the-box” integration, and supports future releases of RightNow CX and AES
Straight-forward implementation and minimal professional services required for an “out-of-the-box” installation of Voice CTI
Requires AES TSPAI licensing
Multi-Media routing requires the SimpliCTI Application Gateway

Metadata: CTI, Avaya, AES, TSAPI

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North American Communications, Resance
1255 Crescent Green, Ste 145
Cary, NC   27518
United States

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