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 Simply Hired, Inc.

Simply Hired, Inc.
370 San Aleso Ave, Suite 200
Sunnyvale, CA   94085
United States

Solution Summary:

Recruiters, human resource professionals and other Oracle customers using Taleo Business Edition (TBE) can now easily advertise jobs on Simply Hired from within the TBE interface, making it easier to reach top talent in both active and passive candidate pools. TBE customers can also take advantage of job advertisement distribution through Simply Hired’s Partner Network of many thousands of websites, as well as through millions of daily email alerts.

Solution Profile:

Simply Hired offers three pricing options to Oracle Taleo Business Edition Cloud Service customers for advertising their job posting: US$100, US$200, or US$300.

How the integration works
• A Cost Per Click is assigned to every job post. This means that whenever a job seeker clicks on the job posting within the Simply Hired network, an amount equal to that cost will be deducted from the overall budget.
• The job receives maximum exposure on Simply Hired’s Website for 30 days or until the selected budget has been spent, whichever happens first.
• The job appears in relevant search results to the candidates, our partner network of white-label sites, and daily e-mail alerts. This is intended to drive the most-targeted candidates to the job posting.
• Candidates interested in the job can apply directly via Oracle Taleo Business Edition Cloud Service.


Distinguishing Features:

With premium placement on Simply Hired, recruiters can attract top talent quickly and cost-effectively by:
• Maximizing their exposure in front of more than 30 million job seekers on a monthly basis
• Appearing in more than 4 million e-mail alerts daily to active job seekers
• Distributing their jobs automatically to a wide partner network of thousands of white-label sites, including Bloomberg Business Week and The Washington Post.



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 Simply Hired, Inc.

Simply Hired, Inc.
370 San Aleso Ave, Suite 200
Sunnyvale, CA   94085
United States

Simply Hired®, a product and technology company operates one of the world's largest job search engines and connects candidates and employers through its powerful search engine platform and performance-based job advertising solution. With more than 30 million unique visitors per month, the company provides candidates access to over 8 million job openings across all job categories and industries and reaches candidates on the web, social networks, mobile devices, email and through many thousands of partner sites.

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