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eSignature W-4s

 CIC Plus, Inc.

CIC Plus, Inc.
7321 Ridgeway Ave,
Skokie, IL   60076
United States

Solution Summary:

120 Federal, State & Local W-4 tax forms exist in the U.S.  Are your W-4s compliant?

CIC Plus provides an automated, paperless solution offering a critical component to both the new hire and existing employee processes. Our solution ensures the most current, accurate, and compliant forms are being presented to employees. As the exclusive Oracle Validated Integration W-4 solution for Oracle Taleo, employees’ onboarding (and ongoing) data is immediately delivered to CIC Plus’ W-4 engine. Our world-class system determines which forms are required, and special qualifying questions help employees navigate complex situations when reciprocity and/or exemption forms may apply. Upon submission, the completed forms are provided to employers for reconciliation with their HR & payroll systems. 

Solution Profile:

As the first Passport certified vendor for Taleo’s Onboarding module, and now an OVI partner, CIC Plus leads the integration process of eSignature W-4s and data retention.  Employee data is seamlessly delivered to the W-4 engine where residential and work addresses are used to determine which forms are necessary.  Qualifying questions help employees determine when reciprocity and/or exemption forms apply.  Customizable messaging and employee level instructions ensure clear communications for non-tech savvy populations.

Distinguishing Features:

·         W-4s are driven by home and work addresses

·         State and Local W-4s include reciprocity components

·         Forms are not accepted if they are incomplete

·         Entries must be consistent (an employee cannot be exempt and have allowances)

·         Administrative users can lock-in employees at IRS dictated withholding amounts

·        Employees digitally sign each form, date/time stamped

·         Pennsylvania Act 32 electronic soluion

·         Military Spouse Residency Relief Act

·         Up-to-date form changes and compliance nationwide

·         XML data fed back into client's payroll and human resource system



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W-4 Forms
 CIC Plus, Inc.

CIC Plus, Inc.
7321 Ridgeway Ave,
Skokie, IL   60076
United States

The industry leader in online forms management solutions for Human Resources and Payroll departments. 
CIC Plus partners with America's largest and most sophisticated companies to make the W-2, W-4, and frankly, any forms process easier. Through our online portal, we help companies manage the process and related regulations that surround tax forms, and other required documentation, whether they are employee to employer or vice versa. Our portal gives past, present, and future employees the power to complete their forms electronically, whether they are for Payroll or HR, or both. With CIC Plus, clients access our world-class data management system with customer service they can count on.

By offering electronic options to employees, clients experience the dual benefit of providing employee self-service while reducing the time and money spent on servicing employees. Companies are also able to be more environmentally friendly by reducing individual and company-wide carbon footprints. Through data warehousing and the various electronic services we offer, we act as a virtual file cabinet for our clients and their employees’ information.

We pride ourselves on our ability to anticipate and meet our clients’ needs. We have significantly expanded the payroll related solutions we've offered since 1999.  At the same time, we have remained true to our core vision of providing a level of customer service that is unmatched in the industry.

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