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Redfaire's Oracle Accelerate Solution for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne for Industrial Manufacturing for Ireland, available as an apps-in-a-box solution


Unit 47 Innovationworks, National Technology Park
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Solution Summary:

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Oracle Accelerate solution for Industrial Manufacturing, delivered as an apps-in-a-box solution offers a combined hardware architecture and optimized software stack that can run in one comExadatapact and highly affordable SPARC T4-1 server. Oracle's SPARC T-Series servers and the Oracle Solaris operating system offer an perfect combination of security, consolidation, scalability, performance and reliability. With the introduction of the SPARC T4 processor, there have been dramatic performance improvements throughout this solution. The result is an even more economical and scalable entry point to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne deployments for small and midsize companies.

Redfaire's offering provides a fully integrated hardware and software stack with higher reliability and greater security, as well as excellent performance and low total cost of ownership, and even manages to simplify the day to day administrative tasks associated with datacenter operations as well. The solution includes every layer required for deployment, from the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne application software to the flagship Oracle Database and provides the right server, storage, operating system, and middleware infrastructure.

This Oracle Accelerate Solution delivered by Redfaire for the industrial Manufacturing industry can be implemented using the Oracle Business Accelerators, powerful, cloud-based rapid implementation tools developed and maintained by Oracle to get you up and running on a wide range of Oracle Applications, both quickly and reliably.

JD Edwards apps-in-a-box customer datasheet is available under the Resources tab.

Solution Profile:

JD Edwards Optimized Solution Design Goals - Oracle Software on Oracle Hardware

1 – Lower Costs- Lower Capital Expenses
- Lower Operational Expenses
2 – Lower Risk- Pre-Optimized, Pre-tested, Preintegrated
- Automated Recovery from Failures
- Accelerate Time to Issue Resolution
3 - Better Performance &
Business Agility
- Accelerate Time to Deployment
- Improve Performance for Users


Redfaire's Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Accelerate Solution for Industrial Manufacturing available in the UK market will help you overcome some of the key challenges you face today.

Business ChallengesRedfaire's Oracle Accelerate Value Proposition
- Difficult to gain enterprise-wide view of information
- Limited strategic control and accountability
- IT is a maintenance cost rather than a strategic advantage
- Drive Growth through Customer-Centric Processes
- Accelerate Innovation and Boost Brand Equity
- Improve design and engineering collaboration
- Simplify order capture and fulfillment of increasingly complex products
- Optimize material and production resources globally
- Transform service operations
- Reduce logistics cost while Improving on-time delivery
- Bundle product and service offerings, and improve performance of service level agreements
- Reduce logistics cost while Improving on-time delivery
- Maximize brand equity with deep customer and business Insight
- Improve channel performance through lead management, order
management, and partner collaboration
- Expand and automate service delivery capabilities
- Respond more rapidly and accurately to demand changes in an
increasingly complex global supply chain


Distinguishing Features:

Key processes included within the application are:

- Production Management
- Quality
- Inventory management and forecasting
- Order management
- Management accounting and budgeting

Solution Details
Solution Availability Ireland
Industries Industrial Manufacturing, Industrial Manufacturing
Oracle Products Oracle Solaris
Company Size Solution is Targeting 501 - 1000
Open Source Solutions No

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Data Sheets

Simple, Fast and Efficient – Packaged Solution / Built on Oracle Optimized Solution
Customer Datasheet

Oracle Sun FIRE X3-2 - standard platform configuration:
2 x 2.2 GHz Intel CPU : 64 GB RAM : 1.2 TB storage
Built-in virtualisation with Oracle VM Server for x86 (OVM), including: Deployment Server & Development Server

JD Edwards apps-in-a-box Packaged Solutions
JDE Apps in a box are complete, fixed implementations of the Oracle Optimized Solution, to simplify the acquisition a JD Edwards solution based on the number of users.

JD Edwards apps-in-a-box SW Components

Pre-installed Softwares:
           - JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.1 – All Application modules purchased by the customer
           - OneView Report Foundation
           - 5 languages : English, French, Spanich, Italian, Dutch
           - JD Edwards EnterpriseOne – Technology Foundation (Tools 9.1.2)

Advantages of the Optimized Solution
- General: Oracle is the only provider who can deliver an integrated solution, with JD Edwards software, leading systems, storage, networking with a single point of service support.
- Reduced costs: Oracle Optimized Solution for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne runs in a single T4-1 server, compared with the systems required on IBM best published result which uses a Power 720 and two disc arrays. The cost comparison
is 62% less.
- Reduced footprint, great simplicity: The T4-1 requires 2RU, vs. the Power 720 (4RU) and two disc arrays (2RU each) for a total of 8RU
- Faster response time 3.5X better response times to interactive queries at the same number of interactive users as IBM
- Greater agility, faster time to deployment, reduced risk: Oracle Optimized Solutions are pre-tested so you can deploy JD Edwards EnterpriseOne up to 75% faster using our complete best practices documentation for installation, sizing, and tuning.

All Optimized Solutions, including the one for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, have three main goals:
1. The Optimized Solution drives better TCO through reduced costs, throughout the whole application lifecycle, from deployment to operations
2. Optimized Solutions greatly reduce risks because we have done all the configuration, testing, scaling and optimization work up front, we’ve done the learning and characterizing of the application as well as the hardware behavior in that environment. And we document what we learned and provide all the steps, all the best practices, all the tuning recommendations to deliver predictable performance and reliable deployments.
3. We increase productivity and agility by dramatically reducing the time to deploy and once it is deployed, by providing superior performance to users.

JD Edwards apps-in-a-box HW Components

T4 Hardware Benchmarked to run 1000+ users
Oracle Sun SPAR C T4-1 - standard platform configuration: T4-1 2.85 GHz SPARC CPU : 64 GB RAM : 2.4 TB storage
Built-in virtualisation with Oracle Solaris Zones including:
- DB Server (11GR2)
- Application Server (EnterpriseOne 9.1+ Major European Languages)
- Web Server (WebLogic 10.3.2)


Unit 47 Innovationworks, National Technology Park
Limerick,   na

Redfaire is a new kind of Oracle® partner for a new kind of Oracle JD Edwards. An Oracle Platinum partner, Redfaire was specifically created to ensure businesses are ready for the future evolution of Oracle’s JD Edwards. Redfaire have heavily invested in the latest technology, research and development, and certification to provide the highest level of JD Edwards consultancy and support. Redfaire provides a full suite of software implementation and support services and has extensive experience of international deployments. Redfaire have also achieved expertise in Oracle JD Edwards mobility.

Our Services Include:
- EnterpriseOne Upgrades
- World Software Upgrades
- International Rollouts
- Cloud
- Saas
- ERP Data Purging & Archiving
- Accelerate Software Implementation
- CNC & Technical Architecture
- WebCenter Content

Core Model & International Roll Out

Redfaire, offers you the skills and expertise of a global consulting firm with the responsiveness and flexibility of a real local partner.Whether you want to roll out JD Edwards to several countries at once or, you just need advice on your first step towards internationalization, our multinational, multilingual teams are there to help.

Purging & Archiving ERP Data

Whether we are in charge of a project or working in a support role our goal is always to help our clients achieve success by finding the best and most efficient solution.To this end, we have developed ARCTOOLS a purging and archiving tool which enables JD Edwards users to reduce costs and improve productivity by optimizing application data levels. With ARCTOOLS data is purged without programming and can take place while users are on the system. ARCTOOLS protects data integrity and is quick and easy to implement, guaranteeing a rapid return on investment.

Redfaire has offices in France, Ireland and the UK.

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