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Nexo CS Informatica S/A
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Solution Summary:
The integration of Nexo Gestão Integrada version 5.4 with Oracle E-Business Suite 12.1.2 utilizes the Oracle Human Resources Management System module and manages information from occupational health and safety of employees at work. The integration leverages Oracle SOA Suite, using BPEL flows and procedures for notifications made available from Oracle (alerts and business events).

Solution Profile:

Nexo Gestão Integrada is a complete, specialized solution designed to streamline and

optimize processes in the areas of workplace environment and safety, occupational

health, and social security management.

Nexo Gestao Integrada (NGI) integrates the following data:

• Organizations and hierarchies

• Jobs and positions

• Employees

• Applicants

• Assignments of employees and applicants

• Personal and contract data of employees and applicants

The information originates in Oracle Human Resources Management System and

through notifications, business events, and BPEL flows, that data is integrated with the

Nexo system business rules.


Distinguishing Features:
Software Especializado de Gestão de Saúde Ocupacional, Segurança do Trabalho e Meio Ambiente

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Solution Availability Brazil
Company Size Solution is Targeting > 1500
Open Source Solutions No

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Nexo CS Informatica S/A
Rua México, 41 - 20o. andar,
Rio De Janeiro, RJ   20031-044

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Nexo CS Informatica S/A

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