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DNASTREAM’s RapidLaunch Oracle Accelerate solution for RightNow


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Solution Summary:

The Oracle RightNow Accelerate solution from DNASTREAM allows each Customer to enjoy quicker deployment and earlier time to benefits from this SAAS Customer Experience solution.

At the start of the project, a full suite of E-Learning simulations & materials is provided by DNASTREAM to match the customer’s processes. This RapidLaunch content library for RightNow can be leveraged by our customers early in their project implementations bringing significant cost efficiencies, time reduction and improved user adoption to their project roll outs.

Solution Profile:

This Oracle Accelerate solution is based on Oracle RightNow CX that includes Content management, Contact management, Incident management, Customer Portal, Closed incident Survey, Standard reports. As an additional option there is available the Oracle RightNow CX Chat implementation.

Why Oracle RightNow CX?

Getting and Retaining Customers

- Increase customer registrations through interactive support from live agents via chat and co-browse
- Proactively reach out to customers with highly focused communications to retain their business and build loyalty
- Drive increased product sales through segmented email communications
- Gain customer insight for game and support enhancements

Provide a differentiated web experience

- Deliver support in 33 languages and dialects with one solution set.
- Providing more information and self-service tools to customers who want it.
- Empowering agents through complete visibility into customer interactions, access to knowledge to help customer.
- Gathering feedback from customers on their experience and taking immediate action on negative feedback.
- Deliver proactive customer support through monitoring and analysis of social media conversations
- Supporting outsources as well as in house customer service agents—one application across all support organizations provides reporting consistency and operational simplicity.

Allow customers to interact online (UGC)

- Leverage online customer communities to build brand, loyalty, and revenue
- Tap into customer enthusiasm for ideation and innovation
- Deliver proactive customer support by monitoring and joining conversations
- Reduce support costs by allowing customers to help each other
- Integrate the social experience with all other customer touch points

This is a packaged Accelerate solution delivered at a low price.

Solution Pricing (Example)
Costs (£)
Oracle Software Licensing Included for 10 users13842
Software Maintenance costs (1st year)2492
Implementation Services14000
Other partner services2000
TOTAL Cost32334


Distinguishing Features:

The RapidLaunch Oracle Accelerate solution delivered by DNASTREAM is based on providing the Customer with the core business processes using RightNow as follows:

1.Online dynamic FAQ's
2.Branded Customer Portal linked to Customer front page with base level branding.
3.Search for relevant support answer with suggestions.
4.Post a support query, with suggestions before sending.
5.Make an account to follow your support cases.
6.Chat solution to resolve and finalise issues.
7.Agent desktop for inbound phone/chat and email processing.
8. Creation of agent and supervisor roles and work queue rules up to 4 different profiles.
9.Complaint process.
10. Guidance on use of standard reports set up from the standard.
11. Initial user set up.



Solution Details
Solution Availability United Kingdom
Industries Professional Services
Oracle Products Oracle Service Cloud
Company Size Solution is Targeting 501-1000
Open Source Solutions No

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Case Studies

InferMed - OracleRightNow - Web Chat for NHS Direct Clinicians

NHS Direct, the Department of Health and NHS Choices initiated a national prototype to look at the options for delivering the NHS 111 service through digital channels. Local clinicians, commissioners and the ambulance service were involved in order to hear their views.
A NHS Direct Web Chat prototype was commissioned in November 2011, and is still currently being trialled through to the end of March 2013 to a small group of Nurses and Clinicians in selected areas, integrated into the existing online health and symptom checkers (H&SC) at developed by InferMed.

DNASTREAM worked closely with both InferMed and the NHS Direct Project Teams on throughout the design phase, configuration and ultimately the testing during the implementation of Digital Platform. NHS Direct elected primarily for Phase 1 to opt for the Cloud based RightNow console integrating only the Web Chat component into the Health & System Checker patient journey directly to the web chat agents.

In parallel with the configuration, DNASTREAM has developed simultaneously a RapidLaunch Oracle Accelerate generic library of RightNow Web Chat UAT test scripts. The same scripts are then converted in 3 modes of simulations structured by job role. This full suite forms the RapidLaunch end Training methodology and is imparted as part of the Train the Trainer course delivery. The assigned Nurse and Agents then went on to train Nurses as Web Chat agents to ensure they could offer additional patient information as part of the Health & Symptom Checkers requests.

The training approach was extremely well received and enabled the Nurses/Agent to draw on the RapidLaunch Library resources after the Train the Trainer workshops had been delivery. The entire library was uplifted to NHS Direct own internal portal and utilised for additional post live support.

The Department of Health has made a commitment to provide the NHS 111 service online by April 2013, alongside the telephone service. DNASTREAM and InferMed are currently working with NHS Direct on widening the RightNow digital capability options as part of the NHS 111 digital channels services."


Surrey Technology Centre, Occam Road
Guildford,   GU2 7PJ
United Kingdom

DNASTREAM is a delivery focussed IT Consultancy always looking to find the right solution to match our Customers' needs and opened to new ideas.

DNASTREAM have vast experience of designing and delivering IT Solutions that deliver real benefits.
We work in your long term interest to recommend and deliver what will truly meet you business needs.
We can provide a range of commercial and delivery options that will allow you to get your project started with minimal commitment.

Our History with Oracle RightNow

In 2009 National Grid,a DNASTREAM Utility Customer, asked us to find them a solution to their business issues. They were facing uncertainty in one business division in terms of the rate of growth it might experience. What they needed was a scalable IT infrastructure in terms of functional capabilities, scale and of course costs that matched usage. The usual ERP based solutions the Customer had were not going to be able to meet all those requirements. We undertook a market evaluation for them and found RightNow.

From there we helped the Customer negotiate commercial terms and then implement RightNow amongst other solutions within the project. We liked the solution a lot and had developed a strong relationship with Oracle RightNow.

After the successful project implementation we became a RightNow Partner.

Since Oracle took over RightNow we have been working to build our relationship further and develop joint business initiatives.

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