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 Accurate Background, Inc.

Accurate Background, Inc.
6 Orchard, Suite 200
Lake Forest, CA   92630
United States

Solution Summary:

Leveraging the Oracle Taleo Cloud Service technology with Accurate Background's leading services gives your organization the flexibility to customize your background screening program based on your needs.

With single sign-on access and real-time results, recruiters are able to request and retrieve background screening reports without ever leaving the Oracle Taleo Recruiting Cloud Services Platform.

From the beginning your hiring parameters are defined and the background screening steps are integrated into the Oracle Taleo automated workflow processes ensuring consistent background checks companywide.

Choose from a variety of pre-integrated background check and drug testing services based on your specific needs and hiring guidelines including:

  • Global Screening
  • Drug Testing
  • Fingerprinting
  • Background Checks
  • Electronic I-9 Processing
  • Adjudication
  • Vendor Management

Solution Profile:

Accurate Background provides a customized screening program based on your specific needs and will help you meet your hiring objectives while streamlining your screening initiatives.  Accurate Background’s goal is to provide timely, accurate background reports while offering the highest level of service, consistency, and reliability.

Accurate Background’s main features and benefits that set us apart are:

Innovative Technology Solutions

Configurable Web Platform: Accurate Background’s web platform delivers extensive configurability, enabling us to tailor our solution to meet your organization’s specific needs. Our development of unique and superior industry technology platforms provides high data integrity, reduced turnaround time, and maximized efficiency.

Integration Experience: As a member of the HR-XML Consortium with extensive integration experience, Accurate Background can build a seamless integration with virtually any third-party or proprietary system.  We currently have integrations with leading ATS providers such as Oracle Taleo Cloud Service, ADP/VirtualEdge, iCIMS, Kenexa, SAP, HodesIQ, Kronos, MyStaffingPro, and several other proprietary applications. 

Proprietary Operational Systems: Accurate Background has developed unique technology platforms such as CourtAxis™ and IVAN™ that ensure high data integrity, reduced turnaround time, and maximized efficiency.

Automated Decision Making: Accurate Background’s proprietary Risk Reduction Technology™ automates the report adjudication and compliance fulfillment processes, reducing client labor costs and supporting consistent hiring practices. Reports are systematically assigned a “Meets Requirements” or “Needs Review” classification based on your hiring guidelines as well as state, federal, and industry regulations.

Intuitive Vendor Management Technology: Accurate Background’s Vendor Management Program reduces your organization’s liability by ensuring consistent background checks are conducted not only on your employees, but on any third party who has access to your facilities, customer data, customer homes, or company assets.  Our proprietary technology allows you to monitor your third-party vendors directly from your online account to ensure all contracted staff has completed the required background check. 

Electronic I-9 Management: Accurate Background provides employers with an efficient method to electronically manage the entire I-9 process. Using our technology, Accurate I-9, we offer a comprehensive web-based process to electronically collect the I-9 Form, store the supporting documents online with the I-9 Form, and verify whether your employee has a legal right to work in the United States through our partnership with E-Verify.

Superior Service & Support

Flexible Solutions: Accurate Background has the ability to handle large volume of searches, but still retain the flexibility to customize our solutions.

Industry Expertise: We have extensive experience in background screening and public record checks, with an understanding of the inner workings of the court systems and the information provided.  In addition, our veteran staff includes FCRA experts certified by the National Association of Professional Background Screeners.  With our broad knowledge, we bring a consultative and educational approach as your partner to develop a background program that is right for you.

Account Management: Each client is assigned an Account Management Team.  These individuals ensure a smooth transition to Accurate Background, oversee deployment of the requested technical solution, and deliver consistent service throughout our relationship.

Broad Service Selection:  Whether your organization needs standard background screening and drug testing, electronic I-9 management, vendor management, or has global screening initiatives, Accurate Background has the services and technology to support your efforts.

Efficient Fulfillment

Quality Assurance through ISO 9001:2008 Certification and NAPBS Accreditation: Our documented Quality Control procedures supply consistency and integrity to our process to deliver the highest quality service.

Extensive Global Network: Accurate Background has developed our own network of researchers in more than 190 countries worldwide and uses an experienced internal team to manage their performance to ensure rapid turnaround while upholding data integrity.  Our network is made up of in-country resources that understand the local language, customs, and laws to ensure accurate and compliant information is provided.

Turnaround Performance without Compromising Quality: Accurate Background’s proprietary CourtAxis™ has direct primary access to more than 1,800 Superior and Municipal Courts throughout the country. Unlike others who may promote searches through databases, this tool gives us express access to direct court records. Our clients realize turnaround efficiencies without compromising the accuracy or integrity of the research. 

Accurate Background’s technology and service offerings give organizations the flexibility to create a smooth hiring experience.

Distinguishing Features:

Accurate Background's Single Sign On integration with Oracle Taleo Cloud Services fully integrates background screening on a global basis with drug testing and I-9 processes.  Organization's can order and retrieve consolidated results without ever leaving the Oracle Taleo Cloud Service platform. 

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"Accurate Background's flexibility, exceptional client support, & creative solutions allowed our organization to consolidate our program and create a background screening process based on our specific needs. Saving our recruiters time, applying consistency to the process companywide, and improving our overall hiring efficiency."
- VP Talent Acquisition & Staffing Operations

"Accurate Background has developed user friendly technology, supported by competent subject matter experts who you can rely on to take over this aspect of the screening process. They've earned our full endorsement."
- Director, Human Resources


"Accurate Background has proven they have the tools and resources to meet our needs quickly and decisively. We have no complaints. Their technology is easy to use and their support is wonderful." 
- HR Staffing Representative

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 Accurate Background, Inc.

Accurate Background, Inc.
6 Orchard, Suite 200
Lake Forest, CA   92630
United States

Accurate Background understands every organization is different. That is why our Enterprise Solution was developed with efficiency through innovation in mind. Our industry-leading technology and wide variety of superior products offer organizations worldwide the flexible tools needed to customize a background screening program based on their specific needs. A proud Gold Member of Oracle Partner Network and long-standing Premier Partner to Taleo, we have developed a turnkey integration solution that allows organizations to get started quickly. Through integration, clients are able to streamline their hiring process, reduce time and resources, and more effectively manage their recruiting efforts.
In addition, Accurate Background’s proprietary Risk Reduction Technology™ systematically reviews the results of each completed background search and assesses a hiring recommendation based on the hiring guidelines your company has developed as well as state, federal and international regulations.   This technology ensures that every organization is making unbiased, consistent, and compliant hiring decisions companywide.
Finally, Accurate Background is dedicated to exceptional customer service, accuracy, and timely results.   Our knowledgeable staff is well-trained in every aspect of our industry from public records research to all levels of compliance. As an ISO Certified and NAPBS Accredited organization, our documented Quality Control procedures are routinely audited supplying consistency and integrity to our process resulting in the highest quality and competency levels. With our broad knowledge, we bring a consultative and educational approach in developing a background screening program that is right for you.
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