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Application Change Management for PeopleSoft

 Phire, Inc.

Phire, Inc.
Centreville, VA   20120
United States

Solution Summary:
Phire provides Application Change Management for PeopleSoft applications. Phire Architect enables PeopleTools object versioning, automated migrations, and SOX compliance.

Solution Profile:

Application Change Management Software
Through the innovative Phire Architect suite, Phire solutions ensure that your enterprise applications are optimized to meet the needs of the business-critical initiatives they support. By providing application management solutions that integrate directly with your enterprise systems, your organization can more effectively plan, manage, and utilize your enterprise systems. Phire will support you through all phases of the enterprise systems lifecycle. You are already investing substantial resources in your ERP systems, your enterprise administration software should be cost effective and require minimal resources to support and maintain.


Phire Architect has an integrated Incident and defect management repository which can be used as the primary help desk application for ERP support activities, or it can be configured to integrate with an existing enterprise help desk application. Phire can also be used to manage the evolution of your project-specific incidents and issues by providing a central repository for issue identification and tracking. Users can automatically generate change requests from issues or defects. Architect’s integrated approach ensures the issue identification, development, and documentation cycle is never broken.


Phire Architect enables you to automate complex change management processes and implement controls that are necessary for compliance and audibility. With Phire, task routings and notifications are automated resulting in efficient communications. Architect’s flexibility means that you can easily model your organization's change management processes in Phire so that you can enforce the required controls and build custom workflow tasks, routings, system codes, and approvals.


Phire helps reduce your support costs and mitigate the risks associated with the quality and reliability of your enterprise system code. Phire Architect versions and stores all of the PeopleTools and File objects in the Architect repository. This reduces the risks of overwrites or lost development work by giving your team the power to immediately restore any object version without having to perform time-consuming database refreshes. In addition, Architect prevents development conflicts by allowing your team to reserve and lock PeopleTools objects across all of your environments - making synchronization as easy as a mouse click.


Phire Architect supports all phases of the enterprise systems lifecycle from requirements gathering, design, development, testing, deployment, and production support. Phire has built in features that support each of these functions in a fully integrated manner. For example, you can create a business requirement document in Phire, associate a functional and a technical specifications to the requirements, and create test scripts. As testing is completed, application failures are reported as Incidents which results in Change Requests that are processed in Phire with automated code versioning, approvals, and migrations.


Phire Architect is a tool that enables companies to achieve regulatory and internal compliance by enabling companies to enforce controls, implement established change management processes, and meet reporting requirements. Delivered with Phire Architect is a set of compliance reports that show the effectiveness of the controls you have implemented. There are reports that show security violations in your enterprise applications, migration exceptions, and history of configuration changes.system codes, and approvals.

Distinguishing Features:
PeopleTools Code Versioning and Migrations solution built using PeopleTools.

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 Phire, Inc.

Phire, Inc.
Centreville, VA   20120
United States

Developer of Phire Architect, an Application Change Management Software for PeopleSoft

Detailed Description

Phire Architect is an Application Change Management software that enables PeopleTools and File object versioning as well as automate migrations. Because Phire Architect is built using PeopleTools, it looks and feels like other PeopleSoft applications, facilitating deployment, support, and user acceptance.  The bottom line is a cost effective solution for your PeopleSoft change management needs that can be deployed in days versus months.

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