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Tuition Payment Plans { Integrated Full Service -or- Software Only }

 Higher One

Higher One
115 Munson Street,
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Solution Summary:


A. "Software Only" Tuition Payment Plans:  Offer students the opportunity to electronically enroll in one or more tuition payment plans designed and tailored for your campus.

B. "Integrated Full Service" Tuition Payment Plans:  All the same smart features of our "Software Only" option, PLUS Higher One service and marketing support

Tuition Payment Plans (along with the entire Payment Processing Suite) has achieved Validated Integration status with PeopleSoft Campus Solutions

Solution Profile:

Allow students and parents to electronically enroll in one or more payment plans designed and tailored for your institution. Plans are generated according to your specific business rules and eligibility parameters.

Student Experience:

  • Enroll online and agree to contract requirements with an electronic signature
  • Bills, reminders, and receipts automatically emailed and/or messaged to cell phones
  • Option to establish automatic payments• Provision for full participation by parents or other approved payers

Institution Experience:

  • Real-time integration with your Student Information System for automated payment posting and accurate receivable tracking
  • Full integration with Payments and Cashiering payment options
  • Immediate access to collected funds
  • Enable credit card, ACH, campus cards, debit cards, OneAccount and international payment functionality through Travelex anytime, anywhere

Distinguishing Features:

- Flexibility to define, create and manage multiple, concurrent plans - Create specific plans, such as tuition, parking, meals, housing, etc. - General installment plans covering customer-designated amounts - Plans can be administered by the school or Higher One® - Plans are customer specific so students only “see” those plans for which they are eligible - Option to require students prior balances to be paid before the student can enroll in another plan - Administrative access to status and history of each student account - Option for recalculation of plan amounts due after receipt of Financial Aid or changes in enrollment status. Higher One's Payments Processing Suite has Validated Integration status with PeopleSoft Campus Solutions.

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Higher One
115 Munson Street,
New Haven, CT   06511
United States


Higher One is a leader in providing financial services and data analytics to over 1,600 college and university campuses across the U.S.

Higher One (NYSE:  ONE) is a leading company focused on creating cost-savings efficiencies for higher education institutions  and providing high-value services to students.  Higher One offers a wide array of technological services on campus, ranging from streamlining the institution's performance analytics and financial aid refund processes to offering students innovative banking services, tuition payment plans, and the basics of financial management.  Higher One works closely with colleges and universities to allocate resources more efficiently in order to provide a higher quality of service and education to students.

Founded in 2000 on a college campus by students, Higher One now serves more than half the higher education market, providing its services to over 1,600 campuses and 13 million students at distinguished public and private institutions nationwide.  More information about Higher one can be found at .


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