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Kewill Flagship

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44 Franklin Street,
Nashua, NH   03064
United States

The Kewill Flagship multi-carrier shipping management module allows users within the mailroom, warehouse, or from their desktop the ability to ship from anywhere to anywhere. Designed with an open architecture, Kewill Flagship has the capacity to scale to meet your future and peak shipping requirements. This enterprise solution supports complex business rules, high volumes of shipments and multiple locations. Enterprise Solution Kewill Flagship provides a holistic approach to shipping management by delivering a solution that covers the entire spectrum of enterprise shipping requirements.

Detailed Description

Core Capabilities

Mulltiple Locations

Kewill Flagship can be configured to manage multiple locations, warehouses or distribution centers from a single software instance.

  • Hosted Enterprise Shipping Solution capability
  • Ease of management for daily operations and carrier compliance updates
  • Communicate with multiple host systems
  • Consolidate your shipping operations to better leverage assets, resources and buying power
  • Lower your total cost of ownership through centralized management

Complex Rules Engine

Kewill Flagship is designed to work in any organizational configuration and with any business processes through the use of its business rules engine.

  • Compiled business rules for speed of processing
  • Facilitates rapid, seamless integration by minimizing changes to processes or host application
  • Select carrier and service automatically based on user defined criteria
  • Drive compliant documentation and perform denied party look ups based on consignee and destination, including printing the correct customs paperwork

International Shipping

Kewill Flagship can help you ship anywhere to anywhere in the world.

  • Ship to international customers more cost effectively and reliably
  • Natural Language Support (NLS) for ease of integration  with regional distribution centers
  • Address validation for over 220 countries
  • Manage complex export documentation such as shippers export declaration, commercial invoices, denied party screening and harmonization codes

Desktop Shipping

Kewill Flagship provides users an easy to use interface that allows employees to quickly process packages from their desktop computer - even pre-processing of international or oversize packages is standard.

  • Control costs by leveraging negotiated rates across the enterprise
  • Use customized packaging and pre-configure the solution to correctly rate each parcel based on accurate shipment size
  • Reduce address surcharges by using a standard address book


Kewill Flagship provides enhanced visibility into the supply-chain including international orders that involve multiple legs and transportation modes.

  • Reduce the time you spend tracking shipments
  • Quickly provide your customers with up-to-date shipment information
  • Customers and employees gain shipment visibility in real-time, online or via proactive messaging with customizable advance shipment notifications
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