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Timestamp’s Oracle Accelerate solution for Professional Service for Oracle E-Business Suite

 Timestamp - Sistemas De Informação SA

Timestamp - Sistemas De Informação SA
Centro Empresarial Torres de Lisboa, Torre G,
Lisboa, Portuguesa   1600-209

Solution Summary:

This Oracle Accelerate solution is designed for midsize companies in the Professional Services industry, which need to improve operational efficiency in core business processes. It addresses the needs of organisations, which suffer from a lack of executive visibility and insight into corporate profitability for informed decision making. Based on Oracle E-Business Suite, this Accelerate solution provides complete end-to-end financial software, and real time financial visibility. Business benefits are a reduced cost to process financial documents and an improved profitability analysis.

Solution Profile:

This Oracle Accelerate solution is tailored for the Professional Services industry and support the core financial management business processes. Based on leading industry practices, it enables customers to rapidly adopt and standardize on world-class business processes. This package includes Oracle E-Business Suite software licences, implementation services, and a bundle of specific programs developed by Timestamp to meet the Portuguese statutory and reporting requirements.

The solution delivers significantly improved time-to-benefit at low risk. It leverages Oracle Business Accelerators, which are next-generation rapid implementation tools, templates, and wizards, built by Oracle and available only through members of Oracle’s expert delivery ecosystem such as ourselves. Oracle Business Accelerators dramatically reduce implementation discovery, configuration, and testing time. The result is predictable and expedited access to a proven solution that minimize the risk of new technology adoption.

Included in this solution is Timestamp’s add-ons to meet the latest requirements of the Portuguese fiscal authorities and cover the specific business needs of local financial management based on best practices.

Business processes enabled include:

• Budgets to Approval
• Customer Invoice to Receipt
• Supplier Invoice to Payment
• Receipt to Assets
• Assets to Depreciation
• Bank Statement to Cash Reconciliation
• Sub ledger Journals to Post
• Requisition to Receipt
• Supplier Return to Settlement

Portuguese Fiscal Pack contains:

• Oracle Taxes setup adjusted to VAT and other taxes
• Cash-flow report
• Supplier hold invoices report
• Supplier open invoices
• Supplier statement
• SNC – Balance sheet
• SNC – Profit & Loss report by expense and revenue type
• SNC – Profit & Loss report by activity
• SNC – Equity changes statement
• SNC – Cash flow
• New form used to setup fiscal reports

Solution pricing: an example

This Oracle Accelerate Solution is available on a fixed price from 99.850,00 €.

Distinguishing Features:

Our solution is not a classic ERP implementation but rather a unique and distinctive project as it is based on an innovative approach. Why? (1) Because it is based on a top class and world leading software: Oracle E-Business Suite; (2) Because we provide a complete solution with Fixed Scope, Fixed Time and Fixed Budget; (3) Because we use a easy-to-use tool - Oracle Business Accelerator - to speed up set up and implementation. Moreover our solution is based on a template adapted by Timestamp to include the best practices for financial management in Portuguese geography; (4) Because we added a bundle of localizations to fit Portuguese fiscal requirements (eg. SNC); (5) Because our Oracle EBS team is very experienced and is available to discuss business details or product strategy; (6) Finally because the Organization may start working with an initial version of the solution and escalate it to new functionalities or modules.

Solution Details
Solution Availability Portugal
Industries Professional Services, Professional Services
Oracle Products Applications
Company Size Solution is Targeting 501 - 1000
Open Source Solutions No

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 Timestamp - Sistemas De Informação SA

Timestamp - Sistemas De Informação SA
Centro Empresarial Torres de Lisboa, Torre G,
Lisboa, Portuguesa   1600-209

Timestamp - Sistemas de Informação, S.A.

Detailed Description

Timestamp - Sistemas de Informação, S.A. is a Tech Consulting company based in Portugal and also running projects in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Australia and US. Timestamp was founded in 2003 and has + 120 consultants, most of them with high experience in both Oracle Technology and Applications. More than 150 customers in several sectors : Government, different Industries, Services, Financial Services, TELCO, Logistics, Professional Associations/Unions, Media & Entertainment, etc..


Timestamp is engaged with Oracle since its foundation and is recognized as a major partner in Portugal: Platinum Partner and Best Partner in several categories (Top Partners awards: 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009). Also joined the Oracle Business Accelerator program and got certified in June 2009.


Timestamp signed an agreement with Public Sector Purchasing Agency (ANCP) to resell Oracle Technology and Applications to Governement Departments, Public Sector Organizations and Public held Companies.

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Timestamp - Sistemas De Informação SA

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