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Background Screening


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Solution Summary:

TalentWise’s hundreds of background screening solutions combine the highest quality results with fast turnaround time. And our dedicated team of award-winning customer support professionals ensures your needs are met every time. Furthermore, TalentWise has built turn-key integrations with Oracle-Taleo Enterprise and Oracle-Taleo Business Edition to streamline the recruitment-to-hire process for HR professionals.  

Solution Profile:

TalentWise Background Screening solutions are a comprehensive set of configurable, high-quality products and services that allow you to make better hiring decisions quickly and confidently. Some of our most popular Background Screening solutions include: SSN Verification; Address History Search; County, Statewide and Federal Criminal Search; Multi-State Instant Criminal Search; County and Federal Civil Search; National Sex Offender Registry Check; Social Media Screening; Extended Workforce Screening; Random Screening; Healthcare Integrity and Protection Database (HIPDB) Search; National Practitioner Database (NPBD) Search; FACIS (Levels I, II and II); OIG/GSA Search; FDA Debarment Search; International Screening; Education Verifications; Employment Verifications; Credential Verifications; License Verification; Driving Records (DMV); Commercial Drivers License Information System (CDLIS) Search; Reference Checks; Credit Checks; Fingerprinting; Exclusion Lists; Global Watchlists and more.

Distinguishing Features:

  • Industry leading turnaround times
  • Superior customer service
  • Flexible, easy-to-use interfaces
  • Real-time status updates
  • Automated compliance tools
  • Highly configurable, scalable solutions
  • Pre-built integrations with Oracle-Taleo Enterprise and Business Edition

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Industries Healthcare, Oil and Gas, Education and Research, High Technology
Oracle Products Applications, Oracle Human Capital Management
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Open Source Solutions Yes

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10070 4th St. #1112,
Bellevue, WA   98004
United States

TalentWise is a technology company that’s transforming the way HR professionals manage their hiring process. TalentWise has built a single, online platform that automates the hiring process end-to-end, resulting in a highly efficient and seamless experience for HR, hiring managers, candidates and new hires. TalentWise proudly serves over 12,000 customers of all sizes and across all industries throughout North America. TalentWise has made Workforce Management magazine’s “Hot List” for the last six years, and is the only provider ranked by HRO Today magazine in the Top 5 “Overall” and for “Quality of Service” over the last four years.


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