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CardConnect and CardSecure v5.2


501 Forrestal Road,
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Solution Summary:

CardConnect fully implements the iPayments processor model for credit card processing and it does so with ZERO modifications.
Currently, your e-Business Suite routinely captures credit card information via a number of forms and interfaces like Sales Order, Customer Management and iPayments.  Or perhaps you’re using iStore or integrated with Siebel CRM. All these solutions are support by CardConnect and CardSecure.  Through standard APIs, CardSecure remotely stores and tokenizes your credit card information BEFORE you input it into your ERP.  Oracle e-Business Suite treats these tokens like credit card numbers, in fact they appear exactly the same on most reports and forms.  Later during the funds capture phase, CardConnect intercepts calls from e-Business to your payment processor and replaces these tokens with the actual credit card information and then forward the request to the bank.  In this way, your critical data is stored safely in our 100% PCI compliant facility and you can focus on what’s important to you: your business and your customers.

Solution Profile:

Through standard APIs, CardConnect and CardSecure remove credit and purchase card data from your Oracle Applications.  Using a PCI compliant desktop device (called PanPad), CardSecure replace card numbers with tokens for use within your ERP.  These numbers flow through EBS until the settlement call to your bank processor.  At the time of settlement, CardConnect intercepts calls to the bank, substitutes the actual card data back into the transaction, then forwards the request to the bank.  In this way, no card data is stored on your system.  We provide the transmission, storage and compliance check for PCI and we can do this all for less than you are on-site.

Distinguishing Features:

PCI complance with less effort, reduced costs and ZERO modifications to Oracle EBS!

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501 Forrestal Road,
Princeton, NJ   08540
United States

CardConnect is an innovative and rapidly growing payments technology company, providing credit card/payment acceptance and PCI compliance solutions to the ERP community since 1998. More than 50,000 businesses - including General Electric, Adobe, and the New York Times - use our payments technology to make accepting payments as simple, easy, and secure as possible.

Our products include:

CardConnect for Oracle EBS - The CardConnect Gateway is an Oracle Validated Integration solution that accelerates cash receipts and provides a direct connection between Oracle EBS and the banking system. With the CardConnect Gateway, Oracle E-Business is able to:

- Efficiently process orders from authorization to settlement

- Send payment data to domestic and international clearinghouses

- Clear receipts from Accounts Receivables

- Reconcile cash deposits and fees directly within Oracle E-Business

CardSecure - CardSecure is the one-stop data security solution. CardSecure intercepts incoming credit card data before it hits Oracle EBS, transfers the data to the CardConnect secure vault, encrypts it and assigns each card number a unique token. This allows the actual card data to remain securely outside Oracle EBS which greatly reduces PCI Compliance scope.

The latest version of CardConnect/CardSecure is 5.2. 


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