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 WePow, Inc.

WePow, Inc.
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Solution Summary:

Record and review interviews at your convenience

Video interviewing allows candidates to respond on their own time. The message to each candidate is 100% consistent, eliminating variables that sometimes affect a phone screen, and scheduling isn’t a factor.

From an employer perspective it’s simple:

  1. 1. Post a job
  2. 2. Record video questions on WePow
  3. 3. Invite any number of candidates to take the interview
  4. 4. Review and approve candidate responses


For candidates:

  • Candidates get an email invite with a link to a video interview
    • A promotional video introduces the company and why it’s a great career choice
    • Setup helps candidates get comfortable, practice, and know what to expect
  • Then the interview begins
    • Candidates see the video questions recorded by the hiring team
    • After some time to think, the candidate records their video responses


Solution Profile:

WePow improves the early-stage recruitment experience for candidates. For employers, beyond the obvious benefits of saved time and money, WePow focuses on delivering a great candidate experience that converts your candidates from applicants to brand ambassadors.

  • Both companies and candidates get to know each other better.
  • We have measured that WePow helps companies make hires on average 30 days faster. This changes the Talent Acquisition department from a cost center to a profit center. With an average annual revenue of $420K per employee in the S&P 500, that extra month yields an extra $35,000 per employee hired through WePow.
  • Our customers choose WePow because we extend and enhance their employer brand throughout the entire interview experience.

Through technology, WePow enables a more human and personal recruiting experience at scale.

Distinguishing Features:

While all players offer the efficiency of video, we focus heavily on enabling high-quality personal interactions for both the candidate and the employer. We provide:

  • Stronger candidate engagement through a completely branded experience on web and mobile. We are the only company that provides a completely employer-branded experience at the same quality whether it's on the web or on mobile.
  • Optional consultations with our Customer Service team, who can provide personalized advice on best practices.

Unlike many of our competitors, we focus heavily on the user experience. Our goal is to bring recruiting back to the basic principle of people meeting people.

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adidas is All In with WePow Video Interviewing


The adidas Group is known for their innovative talent practices and WePow is delighted to be part of their talent acquisition strategy.

"adidas came to us for two main reasons. They wanted to streamline the hiring process with a fresh, innovative take on the traditional phone interview, and they also wanted a platform that could give potential new hires a better idea of the Adidas employee experience." says Imo Udom, our co-founder and VP of Business Development.

And innovative it was. Check out the press release to learn how adidas used WePow to cut screening time, increase fit and implement volume hiring in no time at all. And the best part about the WePow implementation at adidas was the fact that it allows a huge, global company to create two-way relationships with applicants before they ever come in for an in-person meeting. Now that's a fresh take on talent acquisition.

We're proud to have adidas as our client and hope you enjoy the full scoop in our press release.


Additional case studies and other resources can be found on the WePow website: resources.


Infographic: The Costs of Talent Acquisition


We were amazed to see confirmation of how inefficient, ineffective and frustrating the traditional recruiting process is, but we're happy to show how video interviewing can fix the broken process.

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Video Interviewing Research Report


In this report, HCM analyst Sarah White shares the findings from the 2012 Video Interviewing Usage Survey and provides a market analysis of the current state of video interviewing. Download the report to learn:

  • Market trends that contribute to the rapid increase in adoption during recent months
  • The different types video interviewing platforms and ideal uses for each type
  • The expected ROI from each form of video interviewing


Download here


Video Interviewing Buying Guide


We've put together a buying guide to help you choose the right vendor for your organization's needs.

Read this buying guide to learn:

  • Differentiators to look for between platforms
  • The advantages of video interviewing platforms over Skype video chat
  • Eight criteria to discuss and align on within your buying team

Download here

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“WePow is atrue and trusted partner. Their recruitment solutions helped our company reduce the cost of pre-screeningby 89%. It was definitely the best decision of the year.”
-Global Lead, Talent Acquisition

 WePow, Inc.

WePow, Inc.
111 W. Evelyn Ave., Suite 202
Sunnyvale, CA   94086
United States

Recruitment is more than sourcing and screening; it’s attracting and engaging. It's communication and creating an emotional bond. It's about building relationships and meaningful experiences.

At WePow, we don't believe in being status quo and we certainly don't want our clients’ recruitment methodology to be either. WePow Talent Acquisition Solutions help innovative companies increase productivity, improve efficiency, and significantly reduce interviewing cost while improving the quality of interactions with candidates.

Contact us today to take part in igniting the talent acquisition space and starting a revolution!

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