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Applicant Insight Workforce Screening Integration

 Applicant Insight Inc

Applicant Insight Inc
5396 School Road,
New Port Richey, FL   34652
United States

Solution Summary:

Applicant Insight’s workforce screening solution simplifies and streamlines applicant onboarding and document processing associated with a full array of multiple-step business processes required for compliant, accurate and timely workforce screening. The solution collects, routes, processes, manages and distributes documents and information for many tasks that are traditionally paper-intensive. The application was designed specifically to support companies who are involved in heavily regulated industries, but has the flexibility to be customized to meet your organization's specific compliance and screening goals and objectives.

Solution Profile:

Taleo Enterprise and Business Edition Background Screening Integration provides candidate data to  Applicant Insight to complete the Client's workforce screening scope of work.

Distinguishing Features:

Ai is an industry leading single-source workforce screening provider.Clients have the ability to integrate with one vendor for services that include Background Screening, Drug Testing, Clinical Services, Compliance and Verification Services, Adverse Action Process Management, Driver Qualification File Mangement and more.

Solution Details
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Industries Aerospace and Defense, Automotive, Communications, Consumer Goods, Education and Research, Engineering and Construction, Financial Services, Healthcare, High Technology, Industrial Manufacturing, Insurance, Media and Entertainment, Natural Resources, Oil and Gas, Professional Services, Public Sector, Retail, Travel and Transportation, Wholesale Distribution
Company Size Solution is Targeting > 1500
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Data Sheets

Background Investigation Services
Ai offers a standard suite of more than 60 unique screening services, and additional services exclusive to specific industries. We provide the tools and data that employers need to make confident staffing decisions that minimize hiring and retention risks. A listing of our background investigation services is provided below. . Please note that all services are delivered through a seamless and integrated solution.

  • Civil Records                                          

County Civil Report
Federal Civil Report
Credit Reports
Consumer Credit Report
Business Credit Report
Criminal Searches
County Criminal Report
Federal Criminal Report
Monthly Monitoring
National Criminal Insight (NCI)
Statewide Criminal Report
Driving Record Reports
Driving Record Report
CDLIS Report
Administrative and Compliance Services for Employment Screening
Adverse Action Process Management
Copy of Report Processing
Dispute Resolution Administration International Searches
Credit Report
Criminal Record Report
Driving Record Report
Employment Verification Report
Education Verification Report
Fraud, Sanctions, and Patriot Act Searches
FACIS Advanced
OFAC Report
Global Report
I-9 Verification/Legal Right to Work
Social Security Number Reports
SSN Trace Report
Sexual Offender Searches
Single State Sexual Offender Report
National Sexual Offender Report
Accreditations & Certifications Report
Education Verification Report
Employment Verification Report
Personal or Professional Reference Report


Drug Screening & Clinical Services
Ai offers a broad spectrum of Drug Screening and Clinical Services to meet complex screening requirements for companies in both regulated and non-regulated industries. We provide the reporting and support that employers need to stay compliant and meet their screening requirements. A listing of our services is provided below. Please note that all services are delivered through a seamless and integrated solution. . We provide end-to-end management of screening programs with the following components:

• Drug Screen – DOT/Non-DOT (Urine, Oral, Instant, Blood, Breath, Hair)
• Alcohol Screen – DOT/Non-DOT (Urine, Breath, Blood)
• Medical Services – DOT/Non-DOT (Physical, Consultation Service, Medical Clearance, Respiratory, Vision, Vaccination/Inoculation)
• Consultation and Policy Development
• Clinical Services Scheduling Program
• Collection Site Identification
• Program Administration
• Specimen Collection
• Specimen Analysis (Laboratory)
• MRO Services including expert testimony
• Random Selection Program Management
• Post-Accident Testing Assistance (24 hrs daily)
• Statistical Test Summary Reports
• Record Management
• Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) Program Referrals
• DOT Audit Assistance
• HRS, DOT, and FAA compliance programs
• Employee Assistance Plans


Substance Abuse Testing
The Applicant Insight Clinical Services Division is responsible for managing our client alcohol and drug programs. We are a Certified Third Party Administrator (C-TPA as designated by SAPAA - Substance Abuse Program Administrators Association) of substance abuse testing and clinical services focused on helping our clients to implement a quality drug free program. Services include the finest laboratory services (SAMSHA certified), access to a network of over 30,000 collection sites and clinics, medical review officers (MRO) certified in all 50 states and complete program administration


 Applicant Insight Inc

Applicant Insight Inc
5396 School Road,
New Port Richey, FL   34652
United States

Ai provides vertically integrated, single source solutions in both regulated and non-regulated sectors. Our success is attributed to business condition adaptability, forward-thinking implementation of new technology, and consistent integration of advanced screening solutions to enhance our business model.

Today, we provide multi-faceted, single source screening solutions to more than 5,000 clients nationwide and process millions of background screens and drug tests each year. Our clientele range from small business owners to government entities to Fortune 500 corporations.
Ai’s mission is to acquire long-term customer relationships by being the industry’s most authoritative and credible provider of accurate, timely, and regulatory compliant information to customers who require decisional information. The heart of Ai’s philosophy is to build and retain secure, trusting relationships with our customers, employees and business partners. Establishing an environment of trust through action, by assimilating our philosophy and mission, has been the cornerstone of the long term relationship we’ve established with our clientele.

Ai is a leader in delivering background screening services, clinical services including drug testing, forms automation , and compliance and consulting services to clients involved in heavily regulated industries requiring extensive document management and rigorous reporting, scheduling, and tracking. Forms automation is offered either as a standalone service or as a component of a comprehensive screening services package.
The coverage of Applicant Insight services extends throughout North America and through a number of locations abroad. Through the professional design and thoughtful execution of a flexible screening program, Ai limits hiring risks and promotes a safe and accountable workforce.

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