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TouchNet Payment Gateway

TouchNet Information Systems, Inc.
15520 College Blvd,
Shawnee, KS   66219
United States

Solution Summary:
TOUCHNET PAYMENT GATEWAY (TPG) is a secure, scalable, and powerful electronic payment engine. TPG supports credit card, debit card, and electronic check payments made online, in-person, via mail, and by telephone for a wide variety of student accounting and e-commerce applications. It is the foundation for institution-wide electronic payment processing.

Solution Profile:
TOUCHNET OPERATIONS CENTER is the administrative hub for viewing payment reports, managing payments, and updating system configurations. Administrators set system settings to reflect current business practices and preferences. They manage merchant IDs. For credit cards, administrators set the maximum amount for authorization, the time delay, and the time batch settlements are initiated. For electronic checks, administrators manage the immediate origination and destination, the name of the bank, the bank's routing number, and the school's organization ID. The TPG Operations Center also provides reports for campus commerce activity that are sorted, filtered, and tailored for individual business requirements. CREDIT/DEBIT/ACH. TPG can process payments made via credit card, debit card, or electronic check. You can choose which payment types offer the best advantage to your institution. TPG can connect to almost all of North America's commonly used card payment processors. You can retain the flexibility to negotiate the best rates available. You're not tied to a single payment processor, but instead, can take advantage of dynamic change in the industry to select the processor that offers the most benefits to your institution. Electronic checks are processed via the ACH Network, a network in use for decades to process transfers of funds from one bank account to another. ARCHITECTURE. TPG is a sophisticated suite of software components - payment engines, transaction processors, integration routines, security checkpoints, administrative tools, and more - embedded in multi-layered software architecture. This multi-layered architecture delivers unprecedented flexibility and software longevity to colleges and universities. It localizes the impact of change in one layer from affecting other layers, which gives institutions the flexibility to adapt payment systems to industry advancements, new technology, and added functionality over time without the usual effort and risk associated with programming projects.

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Credit card processing Debit card processing ACH processing Central Operations Center Real-time payment authorization Real-time student accounts updates Industry compliance

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TouchNet Information Systems, Inc.
15520 College Blvd,
Shawnee, KS   66219
United States

TOUCHNET INFORMATION SYSTEMS, INC. Offers the broadest spectrum of software, services, and strategies for unified, real-time commerce available today. We call our solutions U.Commerce. TouchNet U.Commerce gives you a global perspective , electronic commerce and in-person commerce support, and an institution-wide view of commerce transactions that help you save, make, and manage money better than ever.

Detailed Description

TOUCHNET INFORMATION SYSTEMS, INC. TouchNet is more than a leading commerce provider.  We partner with institutions across America and around the world to automate and integrate commerce in a secure, compliant environment. 

Since 1989, TouchNet has been an innovator in electronic transactions and the knowledge leader in campus commerce. Hundreds of colleges, universities, and companies rely on TouchNet for one simple reason. Our software, services and strategies accomplish what they promise to deliver.

TouchNet has always stayed ahead of the payment indsutry curve, embracing payment data security standards before they were mandated. In fact, TouchNet is the first campus commerce provider to be certified in both PA-DSS and PCI-DSS.

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TouchNet Information Systems, Inc.

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