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Talemetry Inc.
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Solution Summary:

Talemetry Source & CRM

Search across all sources of hire, find and rank candidates for immediate job openings, all while building talent networks for the future.

Solution Profile:

Talemetry Source & CRM allows organizations to create a centralized, searchable database of candidates from all their available sources. Talemetry provides recruiters the ability to simultaneously search their past applicants in their Taleo, Oracle® iRecruitment or PeopleSoftTM TAM system, job board candidate databases, social networking sites, the open web, and their own talent networks for the best candidates so that no talent is missed.

Unmatched Intelligent Talent Sourcing
Find the best candidates using conceptual search of multiple sources. Use talent networks to promote open jobs to the right talent faster and improve the quality of hire.

Build Talent Pipelines
Find the right talent faster rather than waiting for them to find you. Build relationships and a warm talent pipeline of potential applicants before you need them.

Get Better Insight
Insight into your top talent sources and overall sourcing performance. Better visibility into your identified talent versus talent needs.

Drive Recruiter Efficiency
Improve recruiter efficiency by avoiding having to log-in, learn, and search multiple different systems.

Control Spending
Optimize spend by focusing on the high value sources. Reduce advertising and subscription spend as your database grows.

Manage Talent Relationships
Deliver better candidate experience by engaging candidates in your talent network. Manage candidate relationships with regular communication, targeted messages to improve the candidate to
applicant conversion rates.

Ensure Compliance
Reporting for OFCCP compliance. All searches, candidate views, etc. are tracked and saved.

Distinguishing Features:

Central Access to All Talent Sources
• One easy to use interface to access all candidates sources.
• Search job board candidate databases, social networks, your ATS, the open web, classifieds, imported resumes, talent networks, employee data, and referrals.
• All candidates are ranked in order of best match, regardless of source, with relevant keywords highlighted.

Intelligent Search & Talent Discovery
• Talemetry search automatically includes related skills and terminology to make finding the right candidates faster and easier.
• Key information extracted from a candidate’s resume is then used to find additional online data about them.
• Users can prioritize the importance of keywords and refine search
criteria to find their ideal candidates.

Candidate Relationship Management (CRM)
• View and track all activities and communications with any candidate.
• Recruiters can work candidates through a specific jobs pipeline, invite them to apply, and track who has applied.
• Supports changes to stages, viewing of candidates, moving to different folders, jobs, talent networks or any other user updates.

Organize & Nurture Talent Pools
• Organize talent into lists for any purpose.
• Manage talent lists to track your “hot prospects” while public talent lists can be shared with your team, or specific members of your team.
• Users can communicate with candidates on a one to one and one to many basis in a way that helps build relationships.

Track & Analyze Performance
• All activities in the system are tracked and can be reported on.
• View the number of candidates in each job and talent list and what stage they are in, as well as any recruiter activities.

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 Talemetry Inc.

Talemetry Inc.
300 - 10991 Shellbridge Way,
Richmond, BC   V6X 3C6

Talemetry™ is the flagship brand that evolved from Talent Technology Corporation. Since 2000, we have been delivering advanced recruiting solutions. Leveraging a visionary management team with the experience of a veteran team of recruiters and technologists, we are the market leading provider in the rapidly emerging Talent Generation software market segment of the HCM industry.

Talemetry delivers all the tools recruiters need to find, attract, and engage the talent companies need today – and tomorrow – in a single, simple and social cloud-based solution. As the leading provider of talent generation solutions, our software-as-a-service (SaaS) suite consists of talent sourcing & CRM, job broadcasting, career sites and candidate application solutions.

The Talemetry talent generation suite leverages its extensive partner network, including major Applicant Tracking System (ATS) partners to provide deep integration and seamless configuration with customers’ existing system and service providers. As an Oracle Platinum Partner, whether you have Oracle iRecruitment, Oracle PeopleSoft TAM, or Oracle Taleo Recruiting, Talemetry can start helping make talent your competitive advantage. With hundreds of enterprise customers including Fortune 500 organizations, Talemetry can help your organization find better talent faster. To learn more, visit or follow@Talemetry.

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