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AMC Multi-Channel Integration Suite with Siebel CRM 8.1

 AMC Technology, LLC

AMC Technology, LLC
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Solution Summary:
AMC Technology's Multi-Channel Integration Suite integrates multi-channel communications with the Siebel Enterprise CRM. The validated Adapter for Siebel CRM allows seamless integration and delivery of real-time contact center data to agents. We enable Computer-Telephony Integration (CTI)and email interaction delivery features such as the communication toolbar, caller identification and Siebel application screen pops so contact center agents have a complete view of the communication and the customer.

Solution Profile:

AMC Technology's Multi-Channel Integration Suite (MCIS) and the Adapter for Siebel 8.1 provides a productized integration that delivers real-time connectivity with leading contact center communication platforms, allowing customers to more efficiently manage customer interactions and deliver superior levels of customer service. Contact centers can enable full telephony functionality in Oracle’s Siebel CRM 8.1 desktop, including agent login and work modes, soft-phone controls, caller identification, and screen population.  MCIS also provides integration capabilities for the email contact channel.

With this proven, prebuilt integration product, companies are assured of an efficient implementation and a lower total cost of ownership (TOC).

Through this integration, agents and knowledge workers can place, receive, and transfer customer interactions with full, real-time access to Siebel 8.1 customer data. Call routing can be enhanced by use of business rules and customer data residing in Siebel CRM 8.1 to ensure that the right customer reaches the right agent at the right time.

The  MCIS integration for email leverages the customer's communication vendor's multi-channel capabilities to allow agents to receive, answer and manage emails, just as they do phone calls, through the Siebel Communication Toolbar. Agents review and respond to emails through Siebel Email management components. With email integration, agents may be blended to work both inbound telephony and email channels, receiving and responding to emails during lulls in inbound call volume.

The open architecture of the AMC product suite allows contact centers to manage a true multivendor environment leveraging existing or new communication infrastructure investment from leading contact center vendors.

AMC Multi-Channel Integration Suite Adapter for Siebel CRM 8.1  uses the standard Siebel Adaptive Communications API and the Siebel Communications Server to exchange interactions with Siebel application pages.

Used every day by tens of thousands of agents around the globe, AMC Technology solutions help innovative organizations work more effectively, improve contact center agent productivity and deliver higher levels of customer service.


AMC's Adapter for Siebel allows contact centers to expand the functionality of their Siebel CRM 8.1 application desktop to support full contact center capabilities.

Allows agents to effectively place, receive, and transfer interactions with full, real-time access to customer data in Siebel CRM 8.1.

Enables real-time management of customer interactions in a true multi-vendor environment leveraging an existing or a new infrastructure investment.

Provides an end-to-end validated solution for efficient implementation and a lower Total Cost of Ownership.


Provides validated software products that integrate Siebel CRM 8.1 and leading contact center platforms.

Enables full telephony functionality in the Siebel CRM 8.1 application desktop, including agent and soft-phone controls, caller identification, and screen population.

Enables email integration between Siebel EMail and the contact center platform facilitating email and voice interaction delivery.

Provides a robust, proven architecture that has been successfully deployed at numerous large enterprises worldwide.

Integration Details

AMC Multi-Channel Integration Suite consists of key components that provide a server-based product integration between Siebel CRM 8.1 and leading contact center platforms.

AMC Multi-Channel Integration Server (MCIS) is the central server component that manages the flow of interactions and interfaces with other systems through two key components: AMC Application Adapter for Siebel and AMC Connectors.

AMC Application Adapter for Siebel 8.1 provides the interface with Siebel and manages the real-time exchange of information with MCIS. It uses the standard Siebel Adaptive Communications API and Siebel Communications Server to exchange interactions with Oracle’s Siebel application pages.

AMC Connectors serve as translators to facilitate the real-time flow of email and call events and call data between the communication platform's telephony integration (CTI) and/or Multi-channel communication server and MCIS. Connectors are available for a wide range of leading communication platform vendors such as Avaya, Aspect, Cisco and others.

The AMC product suite runs on Windows Server and supports various server and communications hardware and software configurations.


APC Environment

AMC Multi-Channel Integration Suite for Siebel CRM 8.1

Oracle Environment

Siebel CRM 8.1

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 AMC Technology, LLC

AMC Technology, LLC
15521 Midlothian Turnpike Suite 301,
Midlothian, VA   23113
United States

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About AMC Technology

AMC Technology is a global leader in contact center and CRM integration with nearly 20 years of experience. AMC powers contact centers and customer interactions for companies around the globe through certified products and unparalleled expertise. AMC’s Contact Canvas™ product suite allows customers to integrate CRM and communication platforms, including CTI, across the enterprise, for call center agents, knowledge workers, and mobile staff. Our products are certified by our partners and allow businesses to more effectively manage all types of customer relations while delivering superior levels of customer service and improving productivity. 

Founded in 1995, AMC Technology leads the market in providing contact center integration expertise and best practices. AMC delivers integration software to companies that realize the benefits of connecting multi-channel communications to the business applications used by their enterprise. AMC’s Contact Canvas™ features an open architecture that easily and seamlessly integrates customer relationship management (CRM), database and custom applications to communication channels like phone, email and web.

As an Oracle Validated Partner, AMC develops solutions for PeopleSoft Enterprise CRM, Siebel and RightNow. Used every day by thousands of agents around the globe, AMC solutions help innovative organizations to work more effectively and deliver higher levels of customer service.


Contact Canvas 2012

AMC Contact Canvas 2012 is a pre-built and certified software product suite that integrates CRM applications with CTI communication platforms, allowing users to leverage AMC'S robust business application and multi-channel framework across the enterprise. Contact Canvas leverages AMC’s core functionality, AMC’s Heritage Multi Channel Integration Server (MCIS), to provide integration into Application Adapters and Channel Connectors while also extending integration across the enterprise.

Contact center agents and knowledge workers can place, receive, transfer and conference customer interactions with full, real-time access to customer information. Screen Pop is enabled through CCS’s ability to transfer data from the CTI into an instant, convenient display of customer information in the CRM application. Mobile agents now have real-time access to customer data, record updates, and synchronizations with the database. Contact Canvas also provides a corporate-wide platform for supporting business process enabled communication across voice, chat, email, and even social networking systems.

Contact Canvas has certified integrations for leading CTI systems like Aspect, Avaya, Avaya’s Heritage Nortel products, and Cisco. It also has certified integration with CRMs such as Oracle Right Now, Oracle PeopleSoft, Oracle Siebel, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, SAP and BMC Remedy. Contact Canvas also integrates with home-grown applications, databases, and custom systems as well.


Key Benefits

  • Improved Customer Experience - Improves the customer experience with communications integrated to the customer profile
  • Enterprise Wide Solution - Supports contact center agents as well as enterprise workers as to improve communication
  • Configuration for Needs - Open architecture allows customers to tailor to their specific business requirements and adjust business processes or call flows as your programs change and grow
  • Flexible Components - Scalable as your contact center grows with new sites or new programs
  • Pain-Free Upgrades - Long-term value from an extensible business solution and a component architecture that is easily upgradable for the addition of new features and channels
  • Risk Mitigation - Reduced risk and complexity with certified end-to-end product integrations that assure functional compliance
  • Leverage Investments – Utilizes existing communication and applications infrastructure, without the need to upgrade or witch platforms
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership – Minimizes upfront IT and professional services engagement, and includes standard product maintenance and support

Product Features

  • Screen pops any business object, including custom objects
  • Call and agent session controls integrated to the softphone
  • Automatically logs call information and interaction times
  • Lets users dial-out, conference calls, transfer calls, and click-to-dial
  • Configurable Call Attached Data (CAD)
  • Captures call result and contact wrap up notes
  • Agent "not ready" reason codes
  • Allows for outbound dial campaigns

AMC Contact Canvas Architecture

AMC provides server-based integration to CRM for leading communication solutions from Aspect, Avaya, and Cisco. The AMC solution consists of the Contact Canvas Server, one or more communication connectors, and one or more application adapters which communicate with CRM.

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